I know eBay is horrible and so is PayPal, but after OpenBazaar shut down, I don’t know where else to look.

I’m looking to buy a very specific PlayStation 3 model, which it seems I can only get on eBay (CECHPxx, for those wondering).

The issue is that in the EU a new directive was passed called PSD2. This means that whenever you want to purchase something online, you have to use your bank’s app which uses a form of OTP and I believe, your fingerprint. To me that sound horrible and I don’t plan on downloading the app, because it’s a giant pain in the ass to use. What are my other payment options for eBay that don’t require a freaking app to use?

Alternate question: is there an alternative to eBay that takes PaySafe cards or crypto?

And apologies if this is the wrong sub, I honestly don’t know where to post this question.

EDIT: I should mention I’m not expecting complete or even partial anonymity, just a payment method that doesn’t involve taking my biometrics.

I almost forgot about this, but with banks that are not online-only banks, you can still hand in bank transfer forms on paper. It’s tedious obviously and may take longer, but it works.


go to a local store instead and pay cash


Why openbazaar is shutting down?


Lack of funds, it sounds like. The network itself is still running, but the app is broken to all hell, nothing works anymore.

looks a bit like they also didn’t want to keep running it? Any1 else get this feeling?


This gonna sound lame but check if you can buy the object with cash hand-to-hand first. Then, if it’s not possible, contact seller to see if he would accept cryptos.

(That’s how I would do, I do not know if this is the best way to do though)

contact seller to see if he would accept cryptos

I think that that is against the tos of eBay but more importantly (even if we know it isn’t) it looks from the sellers side like the setup to a scam :(


I didn’t think about the tos :/ and yeah it seems that sellers are pretty retiscent to use cryptos


Not a bad idea. Thanks, I might give this a shot.


deleted by creator


Maybe you have a friend with PayPal (or other accepted payment methods) that doesn’t give a cr*p about privacy that is willing to do the payment for you? Same goes for the Ebay account itself.


Yup, considering there’s no other options, that’s the route I’m likely going for.


openbazaar shut down?:( never used it but had high hopes for it


Not sure if the exist for PayPal/Ebay, but there are prepaid cards you can buy in cash for amazon, Spotify, appstore…


They do, but as far as I can tell, you can only redeem them if you’re from the US. So, no dice.


Do you have any pawn store nearby? Auction? I’d start looking for local community around if I were you, if nothing else, maybe print some flyers and post them up in the neighborhood and to have people contact you on certain email. (Make a new email account, don’t use your main email, because you never know if it’s going to get spammed to hell.) Also don’t bring cash to the meet up with stranger, just check them out first and if they’re legit, you can use paypal to transfer money to them once the transaction is decided.

If that option is out, then your options are pretty limited, one of them being that you need to leave your country temporarily to obtain the PlayStation from another country and I don’t know how importation works in your country, so it might be an issue.

I don’t know the details of PSD2, but you can still pay with SEPA without biometrics if SEPA is available in your country. Some banks support 2FA via SMS when you don’t want to use their app.


Unfortunately, mine doesn’t support 2FA via SMS anymore, I tried. Thanks anyway, though.


I hear that biometrics aren’t that secure, but the SMS method is known as the least secure. It’s not encrypted, so OTP passwords are sent to you in plaintext and a hacker can get it. Not to mention, anyone peeking (like the government) can get a good idea of when youre logging in…


Yes, I am aware that SMS messages are terrible in terms of security, but at the same time I am not a fan of being forced to use a closed source app that only works on iOS and Android phones just to make a payment. Not to mention, my phone doesn’t have Google’s Play Store. This is the reason why I’m looking for alternate payment options, because I refuse to believe that this is the best payment verification method we can come up with.

I’m being stubborn, I know.

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