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what you’re describing is what I got when I tried to used with the screen off. Maybe you can try to plug in a screen. I looked into this problem and there are ways to demand Xorg to keep drawing the screen all the time, but I found it hard to achieve and hence overhead for my case

I did use steam remote play (I think that’s the name) and it worked just fine with my AMD RX590. The only detail that made me not use it more, is that Xs must be showing the screen (I.e. you cannot have the screen off).

Hahaha that’s lovely of her!

Ey, great advice! my baby is still too young for this (<2 months) but I saw other kids using this kind of bike and I can tell it’s very funny and useful for them!

Another possibility is to keep that TV and plug a RPi to the internet instead. I do that with a rpi4 running LibreElec and it’s very nice :)

Still, Medium takes forever to load on my phone :-/ Good post, though!

Monorail, monorail, monorail!!

Being fortunate. It’s like living the life in normal difficulty. There is some many unfortunate people who have to fight for everything…

I didn’t read the article. Does it say why is going to collapse?

is this the same as saying they’ve been ignoring the opt-out?

Not sure if the exist for PayPal/Ebay, but there are prepaid cards you can buy in cash for amazon, Spotify, appstore…

Actually QtWebEngine uses Chromium, so in the end I assume we can say it is does use Blink web browser. Source: https://wiki.qt.io/QtWebEngine