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Most of the links I’ll want to save are recipes, so I use Nextcloud cookbook for that. For just normal links, I just leave them open and use the Firefox mobile app to send them to my desktop if I found them on mobile.

There’s a pr on the GitHub dmca repo containing at least the re3 code.

The way dmca works means they have to ask questions later and take down now, hopefully they can dispute it :/

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It’s good game. Shame that supergiant didn’t port it to Linux like their other games but it’s definitely worth checking out.

contact seller to see if he would accept cryptos

I think that that is against the tos of eBay but more importantly (even if we know it isn’t) it looks from the sellers side like the setup to a scam :(

It’s wild that this costs the same as an actual full-fledged new game.

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deemix-pyweb has Spotify integration, never tried it though.

do you guys think posts like this should be allowed in this community?

I really need to just sit down and learn vim. It just never clicks with me. Everyone loves it so clearly it’s good, but I need to learn it. Anyone have any resources (besides vimtutor) or is it just a matter of forcing yourself to use it?

Definitely look into Bitwarden, it syncs between phone & computer, you can host the sync server yourself but especially if you’re used to lastpass it just works.

If it’s not set already, you should set it to the qt backend. I know it’s the default on arch already but it might be worth looking into for other distros.

EDIT: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/LibreOffice#Theme

yeah, you just have to route it through the proxy that tor creates i think.