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thx, I didn’t see it was out

Unfortunately no voice, that is not ideal:(

And instead choosing to install Instagram and WhatsApp;)

Fluffy chat is by far the easiest as it behaves more like an Instant Messenger with less focus on groups which is what makes element confusing. There’s also much easier key handling and verification across devices. For anyone using a mainstream app like WhatsApp, element is a mess…confusing as hell.

I agree it’s very reasonable, especially the DIY version which would also be a great experience:). The ability to future proof a laptop is so exciting. I wish them the best of luck, and will definitely go this route when I’m in the market for a laptop.

Thanks for these links, I had no idea that flatpak was doing this … I personally prefer appimage. It’s could to hear at least it minimizes the packages to the essentials.

I love it, same features/security as conversations/blabber.im but more user friendly IMO

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This is why I’m dreaming of a turn key xmpp server run on a raspberry pi or similar that’s just plug and play. I’m surprised this is not a priority for people at pine64.org it would fix so many problems with private communication… Regular people could actually host their own xmpp servers for friends and family, just like we use VoIP boxes.

I hope the developers are aware of yunohost. One click installs that don’t rely on docker are what the world needs.

This is very cool but I never felt comfortable using it. Personally, I prefer using pretty easy privacy, pep for android and also as a Thunderbird add-on. As long as the recipient also uses the client it’s effortless, works with any provider.

That’s cool! I use the blabber fork by them, it’s nice too!

Do I remember some how they’re connected to the jing os development? Are they the same?

So funny that a world power can completely cripple itself … because capitalism

This is great news, thanks for posting!

I agree, what a lot of bullshit, and you know what makes it bad? It has a business model, that’s the whole focus. It’s inevitable that it turns evil, how can it not. Investors, they use venture capital, want their pound of flesh. Sooner or later they’ll come for it. Peertube is free in every sense, it’s about video distribution, not commerce. I envision peertube becoming for video what WordPress is to websites.

The great news is what you posted about 1.4, now that looks updated:). Can’t wait!

Watch Dogs: Legion - Tipping Point Cinematic Trailer - Invidious
Great video of the upcoming WatchDogs Legion. Amazing Cinematic!