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That’s cool! I use the blabber fork by them, it’s nice too!

Do I remember some how they’re connected to the jing os development? Are they the same?

So funny that a world power can completely cripple itself … because capitalism

I agree, what a lot of bullshit, and you know what makes it bad? It has a business model, that’s the whole focus. It’s inevitable that it turns evil, how can it not. Investors, they use venture capital, want their pound of flesh. Sooner or later they’ll come for it. Peertube is free in every sense, it’s about video distribution, not commerce. I envision peertube becoming for video what WordPress is to websites.

The great news is what you posted about 1.4, now that looks updated:). Can’t wait!

Before you go building you need to price things out to see if there’s an advantage to doing it. Currently there’s a worldwide shortage of graphics cards due to the crypto mining frenzy. You may be better off getting something prebuilt. For parts and compatibility, go to pcpartspicker

This is great news!

My god it’s stuck in 1990, please for the love of god update that UI

I often suggest blabber.I’m/en it’s a fork of conversations with sign up to a free account built in, good enough for most people that are used to mainstream apps…nice UI changes as well. No technical expertise required:)

I can’t wait until all this tech goes from theory to practical end user applications

Video editing with kdenlive should be good as well

The creative freedom suite talk was great, apparently these are going up on peertube in a week:)

The documentation for packaging is here https://yunohost.org/en/packaging_apps and as for reaching the Devs, they’re very active on the forums here https://forum.yunohost.org/ and on IRC, Matrix and XMPP here: IRC: #yunohost on irc.freenode.net Matrix: #freenode_#yunohost:matrix.org XMPP: support@conference.yunohost.org

His channel is hands down the best inkscape resource I’ve ever found…I highly recommend it! Well produced, and beginner friendly.

This looks really interesting, I’ve never used Zulip but I love the concept

It’s developing very quickly, I’m super excited about this project!

Watch Dogs: Legion - Tipping Point Cinematic Trailer - Invidious

Great video of the upcoming WatchDogs Legion. Amazing Cinematic!..