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openbazaar shut down?:( never used it but had high hopes for it

Okay, I get it, but what happens if your master password is compromised? I assume all of your passwords would need to be recalculated.

Is there anyway to back this up, is it necessary in the case you lose a phone/device etc?

I really need to listen to this, thanks for the reminder

Session is the best yet for simple click install, takes all the best from signal in terms of usability/ease of use but not centralized https://get session.org if you haven’t tried it:)

is it just me or can it not open the original links?

+1 for session, it looks amazing for privacy and anonymity thanks to bouncing the message multiple times and stripping metadata. clean and modern interface as well.


In the latest release of deltachat they’ve included an interesting workaround which messages the recipient a link to a predetermined jitsi room:). It’s in the advanced settings. I pressume if you also use the jitsi meet app it will open automatically.

I have no idea why anyone would want a finger print scanner unless you want someone to knock you out to open your phone.

I agree, the kill switches on the inside defeats the purpose as well.

Sounds like encryption might be coming:)

There are many sites with alternatives out there, one of my favourites was called switching.social but seems to have changed to https://ethical.net/resources/

and to add to this, it can be self-hosted and has low resources… oh and it’s been around for 20 years.

Great video, and a very valid question. Funny how things change when people are directly affected by things or it’s someone else dealing with an issue like this.

Is there any way that one day Lemmy could work with Yunohost? It would likely be the fastest way to get more servers up and running for non-technical users. It makes setting up services almost a point and click affair once the initial Yunohost server is installed.


Great article. Personally I find it really, really hard to bite my tongue when I watch people around me using all of these data swallowing/privacy disrespecting services, but it’s like you say, you can’t change someone’s mind for them.