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This looks really interesting, I’ve never used Zulip but I love the concept

It’s developing very quickly, I’m super excited about this project!

Is this an invidious instance? I love the interface changes and search

So beautiful, and thanks for making this community on Lemmy, great stuff!

The great thing about peertube-search.com is that you can more easily filter content and actually scroll through latest uploads to discover random new content without a query:)

It would be great if they could be streamed on peertube as well;)

if you share a link from a subscription, that is on another server there is an option to share the original URL which solves this problem.

any suggestions for affordable, turnkey xmpp hosting? I wish it were as easy to find as WordPress hosters, that would solve a lot of problems.

BTW yunohost, the headless Debian server for self-hosting comes preconfigured with an email and xmpp server:)

these are so good, I’ve only recently been introduced to him. Thanks for sharing this!

openbazaar shut down?:( never used it but had high hopes for it

Okay, I get it, but what happens if your master password is compromised? I assume all of your passwords would need to be recalculated.

Is there anyway to back this up, is it necessary in the case you lose a phone/device etc?

I really need to listen to this, thanks for the reminder

Watch Dogs: Legion - Tipping Point Cinematic Trailer - Invidious

Great video of the upcoming WatchDogs Legion. Amazing Cinematic!..