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Is there any way that one day Lemmy could work with Yunohost? It would likely be the fastest way to get more servers up and running for non-technical users. It makes setting up services almost a point and click affair once the initial Yunohost server is installed.


Great article. Personally I find it really, really hard to bite my tongue when I watch people around me using all of these data swallowing/privacy disrespecting services, but it’s like you say, you can’t change someone’s mind for them.

keeps getting better! :)

As long as there is money in politics and therefore regulators that have their political careers paid for by lobbyists from these corporations don’t be surprised by this.

The equation is simple enough, steal user data, resell it for massive profit and use a minuscule margin of those profits to make sure “regulators” don’t change the rules. Easy peezy!

I’m so glad they’re taking this approach. We need more people involved in these projects, not less. Meritocracy as an idea seems positive but ultimately we need all hands on deck to move forward.

very useful, thanks!

I use GSConnect super helpful for phone transfers, message notifications, even mobile power level reminders.

Hi Andy are you available anywhere on activitypub like Mastodon? I’d recommend fosstodon.org if you aren’t. It would be great to have more Blender users there:)

I wish this were entirely true, even though the library of playable games is growing there are things such as anti-cheat for AAA games that are unavailable on Linux:(

I took a look at the Utopia site and it made me excited but I have to admit after reading into it a bit it makes me suspicious. I’m not a security expert but I’m always wary of anything that includes BlockChain/cryptomining (profit motive) and is Closed Source. At one point in their FAQ they even say “we will audit ourselves” :(

I couldn’t agree more, Peertube has improved enormously in a short time. For my part, I like to point it out as a viable option to creators especially those who claim to support free and open software (this includes free software projects).

There are already cross-posting scripts to automatically pull YT channels and mirror them on Peertube and depending on the instance there is also the option of simply importing via URL … it copies over tags, and links etc. There’s really no excuse, and more exposure (also the free backup in the case that content gets removed on YT).

I guess the dream, regarding bandwidth, is that more communities self-host their own instances which removes the load on “flagship/catch-all” instances.

Recently I was thinking it would be great if someone put together a site that hosted no content but simply acted as a convenient landing page (hub) for users to search the entire Peertube network for content. Which would solve the discoverability issue that exists right now (similar to a torrent search site). In addition, there could be an option to filter content based on interest so the “garbage” wouldn’t even appear on your public page.

Anything is a huge gain over what we have now! Interoperability, if mandated, would help dissolve the monopolies.

I find it insane for any Nation to not have its own sovereign technology. I’m certainly not defending what the US is doing domestically or around the world but how is this any different from having a potential enemy manufacturing your missile defence system or critical infrastructure? Propaganda and influence is a huge concern going forward. I think China should ban US tech companies infiltrating their country, and that India should be concerned with Chinese apps, we should all be concerned (of US apps as well). We need homegrown (and non-commercial) solutions and more of them.

Mobile has to be top priority if it’s meant to be a replacement for INSTA … people live on mobile these days. Here’s hoping https://fosstodon.org/@PixelDroid continues to develop.

I had no idea there were themes, awesome!!

To add to this, what you really need to do is replace GOOGLE all together. This is where Nextcloud comes in. Docs, notes, tasks, file upload etc … they’ve got it all.

I also use Nextcloud NOTES and TASKS which have the ability to sync across devices with their mobile apps (adroid and iOS I believe). You’ll need either a Nextcloud installation (Yunohost) or a free Nextcloud account. I’d suggest either Disroot.org or do your own search for instances on the Nextcloud official site.