• @AgreeableLandscape
    292 years ago

    Look, I don’t like TikTok, I do think it’s privacy abusing, and I don’t use it. But it’s rich that the FCC (who doesn’t even have jurisdiction over app stores) is saying this while actively allowing US ISPs to sell user data, and just a few years ago killed net neutrality. Anyone who thinks them saying this is anything more benevolent than a US propaganda smear campaign is either naive or willfully ignorant.

    • bruhbeans
      152 years ago

      Also saying nothing about google apps, facebook apps, which are just as invasive if not more

    • @PP44
      112 years ago

      I agree. And it shows how important it is to have non-US apps and companies in competition with big US ones. As long as only US app are conceded by legislation, they can pass as libertarian that believe in the free market and want private companies to be as free as possible. But TikTok here forces them to admit this ideology is true only if it is convenient for them.

      • @linzilla
        92 years ago

        libertarians = corporate autocracy

  • Sr Estegosaurio
    102 years ago

    The FCC can go and burn itself to the ground. TikTok is pure cancer, but the exact same goes for every other spyware companie that they’re ignoring, aka Google, Microsoft, Apple… and a big etc.

  • @thervingi
    82 years ago

    TikTok is bad, Instagram is worse. Facebook is the worst.

  • @ttmrichter
    72 years ago

    Funny, isn’t it, how TikTok is an unacceptable security risk, but the company whose machinations have proven to have fucked up western elections is just fine.

    I wonder if I can spot the pattern…

    Facebook: American. TikTok: Chinese.

    Found it.