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Crypto makes financial surveillance close to impossible. That is why governments hate it. Just because some opportunists are running scams it does not mean all of crypto is a scam.

Probably yes. Vulkan is everywhere now. For example I use a lot of Gamescope to play (upscale) older games and it uses Vulkan.

Governments don’t like it when there is something they can’t control. That is why they hate crypto.

Is that the Turkish parliament?


also ublock origin and newpipe

This is hilarious and exactly what I would expect from Microsoft.

It’s funny because it’s true

Someone in Washington is probably triggered by this.

It’s funny because it’s true.

Just yesterday Greek coast guard fired on a civilian Turkish container carrier. Greece is behaving like a textbook rogue state.

It’s not just Habeck, but a Germany-wide problem. Our politicians are career politicians with very little practical or useful knowledge. For example our health minister during most of the pandemic studied political science and law, not medicine or anything healthcare related.

The German economics minister Robert Habeck has a degree in Philosophy. No wonder he doesn’t understand the complex world of energy and natural resources.

It’s a free market only if they are winning.

Javascript in a nutshell

American nationalists are going to have a field day with this one.

Does it matter? Are we ok with this because we disagree with what she is reporting? She is not a combatant.

Steam Survey shows that Linux marketshare increases again to 1.27%
Steam surveys are very noisy and have a lot of seasonality in them. But the overall trends seems to be upwards.

This is basically Philly for you. It’s that kind of a place.


They are also more likely to get sick.

Automated scanning of online content will generate lots of false positives like this.

I was expecting parallel imports from India or Turkey to replace them, but the Chinese are really fast.

I think Ukraine has plenty of manpower. They mobilized their entire population and have around 700,000 fighters.

What Ukraine doesn’t have is air and artillery support. There is no way an offensive will succeed if you are attacking someone with superiour firepower. Guys with rifles & javelins can defend cities against Russians, but this won’t help them retake cities.

It’s exactly this. Gas, oil and wheat are essential things. Russia sells them to Europe. What Europe or the US sells to Russia can be replaced.

This is hilarious.

UK Cabinet getting yelled at by their US overlords is an accurate representation of UK’s position on the global stage.

Bonus points for getting yelled at by the deputy. UK is not important enough to get the actual NS advisor.

Nexus Mod competitor likes this.

Moral of the story: embargoes against your most important trading partner are a bad idea.

US troops do this all the time. I remember a similar story from Turkey not that long ago.

Yes please! I have nothing against Lemmygrad, but I also don’t want them to overwhelm everything else from my All feed. Please let us block entire instances, not just communities.

The article pretty much says that Nexus Mods is losing users because of this ban.

Iran announces that it used crypto to pay for imports, bypassing US sanctions
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/415841 > The anger and racism in the slashdot thread is hilarious.

Iran announces that it used crypto to pay for imports, bypassing US sanctions
The anger and racism in the slashdot thread is hilarious.

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/414187 > Here is the video, courtesy of 9gag: > > https://9gag.com/gag/aDDy7xO

Here is the video, courtesy of 9gag: https://9gag.com/gag/aDDy7xO

HackerNews admins flag/ban users for criticising US spying
**Context:** Landmark court decision in Germany prohibits the use of European subsidiaries of US Cloud providers for public infrastructure, calling it a violation of GDPR. Hackers news admins berate users who criticise US spying programs and start flagging them. See one example of mod dang doing it here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=32389842

Interestingly, AMD is now more popular among Linux users than Intel.

What Text-To-Speech are you using with Android?
Preferably open source and on FDroid.

Because it transfers EU citizens data to the US.

They forgot to allocate the memory on device and were allocating on the main memory. It must have been a fun moment when they realized it.

New paper confirms what was long suspected: Monkeypox is being driven overwhelmingly by sex between men.
Gay and bisexual men made up about 98% of all infections. This gives a clear path for targeted vaccination.

It's hilarious how passive agressive this whole blog post is.

Laut Tagesschau lobt UN-Generalsekretär Guterres Engagement der Türkei

Sharing location with friends
What app do you use or recommend for sharing you location with family and friends? Google Maps can do this, but I'm looking for a non-Google option. Something in the OpenStreetMaps space would be the best. Telegram can also do it, but Telegram's feature is more optimized for short-term sharing, not continuous sharing.