My favourite one so far is N-O-D-E. I love the style of the videos and the projects that are proposed are so awesome! This is the link because the channel can be hard to find :



  • Luke Smith
  • Brodie Robertson
  • Distrotube

You can watch the above on YouTube or LBRY. I recommend reading man pages/wikis for tutorials and link aggregators for app recommendations over videos, though.


I really enjoy Bryan Lunduke although his content is more tech news than anything. What got me into his content was the talks he does at confernces

My main tech youtubers are ChrisTitusTech, TheLinuxExperiment, TheLInuxGamer, and Marques Brownlee(

  • Tech yes city since he shows how to get amazing value low budget gaming pcs and its cool to watch him assemble them and show you how to do it too

  • Budget builds official Love that he actually looks ay really cheap pc parts that are fairly old. Looking at really low budget parts, like 20 dollar gpus and it is interesting to watch the videos and see how these old parts or electronics perform nowadays

  • Distrotube I like his linux content, learned quite a bit about linux from him.

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