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thanks it working now. i did

systemctl enable tor

i think

i downloaded tor. do i need to type something before running it? i have tor and torsocks-git.

how do you use torsocks? when i copied and pasted that it gave me this

‘Looking up web.archive.org’ ‘Unable to locate remote host web.archive.org.’ ‘Alert!: Unable to connect to remote host.’

lynx: Can’t access startfile http://web.archive.org/web/20200622172714/rethinksecurity.io/posts/you-have-an-obligation-to-fight-for-privacy/

Didnt think about that, maybe they are doing that.

The community swarming the downvote is i agree with.

New reddit 20 mb

deleted by creator

All i know is abby owen sex hahahaah

Of course it does

How is to compared to kdenlive

Firefox Fenix vs Fennec

New firefox mobile or the older version?..