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Trans women are women!

It is a simple truth that has been accepted by all decent human beings for centuries. Trans woman should have the same rights as any other female, they should have the same rights as any other woman. However, despite how true it may be and how much progress we’ve made in the past twenty four years, …

An android alternative to myfitnesspal

Which ones on f-droid would you reccomend?..

very beautiful

good to know

@ZevenatoGaming*Permananently Deleted*

Dark Souls 1, I loved the atmosphere and the polished combat.

Is LBRY privacy respecting

Title says it all. I just want to know if it is safe to use this youtube alternative for posting videos…


TILvids is a video community focused on edutainment content. The goal is to deliver interesting videos that you might not otherwise see. Some other important information: …

Browse Reddit without being tracked …

This isn’t a tune for any individual who is feeble in confidence. This is a supplication for the salvation of all humankind! …

Zevenarism is based on subjective views on concepts which have been proven to factual exist by modern science. There is steady innovation, and consistent evolution. The conviction framework is not static, but rather continually developing as new information comes to light. Zevenarism is additionally…

The Zevenarism Religion instructs that the universe is a big friendly family and we should all be caring and liberal to its individuals, since it needs us to be so. This is the reason they have quite an strict hierarchy system where just the most steadfast adherents of the religion can even draw nea…

That is an admirable statement, however I never talked about the cycle of death not being difficult and astonishing. Whenever demise has happened, it will be easy. I am not scared of what life resembled before I was conceived, and I am not terrified of death by the same token. Fearing passing is in …

We are all the same; we are minuscule sections of the universe. We are the stars, the planets, the lifeforms that occupy them. The Zevenarists have confidence in a universal awareness called “The Great Beyond.” It is this aggregate brain which includes everything. …

The free software application, The Daily Zevenarist, has been rebuilt from the ground up!

The application used to be made with one of those “site to application” sites, the one specifically called AppGeyser. It has been fully reconstructed into a local application made utilizing Android Studio. It presently utilizes the MIT permit, and is now free as in libre. …

I might be the most un-fascinating piece, I might be sub optimal, however for what reason does that make a difference if the entirety of my other predominant shards exist? I comprehend this analysis which I have exacted at myself. It’s actual, I am a disappointment inside and out. My words hurt, yet they ring accurate. Be that as it may, what else would one be able to anticipate from a simple human?

Zevenarism Lesson Nine: The Great Beyond

“We are not divine beings, but rather we have figured out how to be genuine devotees to a higher force.” - Zevenazar Sathir …

Code of Conduct

All participants of The Zevenarist Conviction Framework are relied upon to keep our Code of Conduct, both on the web and during in-person occasions that are facilitated as well as related with The Zevenarist Conviction Framework. …

thanks it working now. i did

systemctl enable tor

i think

oh i didnt enable tor

i downloaded tor. do i need to type something before running it? i have tor and torsocks-git.

how do you use torsocks? when i copied and pasted that it gave me this

‘Looking up web.archive.org’ ‘Unable to locate remote host web.archive.org.’ ‘Alert!: Unable to connect to remote host.’

lynx: Can’t access startfile http://web.archive.org/web/20200622172714/rethinksecurity.io/posts/you-have-an-obligation-to-fight-for-privacy/

Didnt think about that, maybe they are doing that.

@ZevenatoAnnouncementsFree Talk / Chat.

The community swarming the downvote is i agree with.


@ZevenatoTechnologyOlive video editor

deleted by creator

All i know is abby owen sex hahahaah

Firefox Fenix vs Fennec

New firefox mobile or the older version?..