Revolutionary politics has always been one of the pillars star trek stands on, so its been terrible to see how nutrek has gone full performative liberalism and commercialist and removed all the wholesome space communism.


Space Communism was a core of Star Trek. No worries of such nonsense, just exploration and technological advancement.

Would you sayit have started before though? I am admittedly not too versed in Trek things, but it often feels that the dip towards the more liberal (and less socialist) takes began in post-TNG era, with Voyager and DS9.

Not really. DS9 has a plot thread where O’Brien inspires Rom (a member of a hyper-capitalist species) to form a union and go on strike.

How is DS9 in general (excluding the occasional obligatory terrible episodes)? I’ve been postponing it because it’s apparently very different to TNG

I’d say it’s the best trek of the Berman era. It has the strongest first season of any trek series.

OK, I’ll have to give it a try at some point. (I’ve only watched TNG, so I would be very surprised if DS9 managed to have a worse first season)


DS9 is the best trek imo, the characters are just as likable, and the plotlines and moral dilemmas are much more complex and satisfying than tng.

Kira was great. She was my first real feminist influence as a young girl. I’d only ever seen your stereotypical female lead being someone’s lover or manic pixie side kick/ love interest. She was just herself and constantly pissed off (usually for valid reasons) but it’s not something you see in female leads, at least not in a substantial way. Bit of a digression I know, sorry lol This thread just hit my nostalgia bell. I might need to watch DS9 again.


I love Kira so much too. Always saw her as a feminist palestinian revolutionary. Just saw this one recently:

I’m gonna have to do a rewatch too, especially since some high res upscaled versions of DS9 are on torrents now.

I love this!! haha Palestinian feminist revolutionary perfectly captures everything great about her. That’s awesome to know I’ll download them tonight.

Fair enough. I was mostly thinking about all those bits, like Sisko nuking an entire planet just to prove he’s not bluffing, or “quark solving war with capitalism” - a clip that went suspiciously viral some years ago.

Sisko didn’t nuke a planet. He used a slow moving chemical weapon that made the planet uninhabitable by humans, but still habitable by cardassians. And he didn’t do it as a bluff, he did it to stop an actual genocide by the reactionary Michael edington. And it worked; he prevented a war. Sometimes, maintaining the peace requires using the stick instead of the carrot.


DS9 actually stole the core plot from Babylon 5

I want a Star Trek series that expands on their communist-ish society (especially since TNG was often inconsistent). This just seems like generic action slop masquerading as Star Trek

We will never see a Star Trek that’s allowed to go deep into their communist style society ever again. It would never be allowed. TNG even pushed some boundaries and I know of at least one conversation Data had that was edited out. It really is a shame cause I agree with you it would be great. Star Trek laid the foundation of me becoming a communist and I didn’t even realize it. I just didn’t actually understand what communism was back then cause propaganda.

Not as long as copyright is a thing. Hopefully we’ll have a non-Star Trek show that does this eventually. Maybe from China, although I don’t know how popular hard-ish sci-fi is there

I have literally dreamt of China remaking Star Trek or Star Trek like show to get back to the roots. Space battles are fun every now and then but damnit I want my “philosophical communist soap opera in space” back.

Yeah, I never really cared about the ships or space battles

Won’t repost it here because of copyright but here’s a link to a post in Tankie Bunker discord that has an edit of the opening visuals of Star Trek Prodigy with… different theme music.

Roddenberry was a communist

He wanted every cute young actress to have a little Roddenberry (and a minor role). A true communist. /s

No communist is perfect


I dont know about that but he was definitely a cop

If in the USA machines were invented that could replicate all kinds of food from thin air with close to zero energy expenditure, their inventor would hang from a tree within hours, and distributing them would be a felony

They’d make you pay to use them.

Can’t believe you’re advocating for stealing Chefs’ copyrights. Rent a recipe from DisneyMeals

Lol yes, it would be copyright and patent hell too.

That has got to be a pen name.

The new stuff is unwatchable. They even have a “woke” Borg now. Seven is now nothing more than a neo-liberal shill for a corporate Federation. The greatest fictional hive mind ever created and they’ve ruined it. No Klingons, Romulans, or Borg to fight, so now what? The Prime Directive is now making sure you don’t offend anyone.

Recent Star Trek is utter cringe and garbage.

Yo… There was a Star Trek episode that slightly sympathised with the heroes of the IRA and was removed live tv after the first airing. I want to see a pro Palestinian episode.


deleted by creator


Star trek is owned by Paramount which is owned by CBS, not fox.

However you won’t see this comment so whatever

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