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Hillary Clinton literally happy that a fascist won merely because it’s a girlboss.

Starlink itself is a financial disaster so large that even the us military would blush at that level of wasteful spending. Musk is desperate to find enough buyers for Starlink because, without it, SpaceX would go bust and take the rest of Musk’s companies with it.

The cia and the us military has many secure means of communication, none of them are starlink or any other public internet service.

It’s kind of silly to believe the cia has no methods besides starlink for this purpose. There have been competing geosynchronous internet services for like a decade before musk started using starlink as an excuse to keep SpaceX alive. Once again I believe this is nothing more than a publicity stunt to make sure everyone remembers how important Elon musk is so we keep the state subsidies going for his businesses.

Is this really anything more than a publicity stunt? Where are Iranians getting Starlink receivers? Can the average Iranian afford the $100/mo subscription fee?

What’s confusing me is why empty education centers is bad. Doesn’t that imply that the students can come and go?

It’s just the new version of the Nazi party. Co-opting the language of socialism worked for Hitler, maybe it will work for them.

Pretty bold to claim success when Europe hasn’t had one winter under this war.

I’m sure he also won’t be downsizing any of his multi-million dollar mansions.

Just like their spiritual successors in “the squad”.

Haha, wow, no chance he would even be charged in America, much less convicted.

He didn’t escalate shit. If anything, he obstructed the CIAs plans with his desire to alter the deal so it would benefit trump personally.

The Pegasus incident was too sloppy for section 31. That incident seemed more likely the work of a lifelong intelligence analyst who thought they could run a field op.

Yeoh is a fantastic actor and I rather enjoyed watching her ham up the poorly written emperor. But you’re absolutely right about the writing on Discovery. I’m less pessimistic about the franchise as a whole, especially when you consider strange new worlds which had the best first season of any Star Trek series.

They teased a Section 31 show starring Michelle Yeoh. But last I heard, it was not going forward.

And the vaping illness suspiciously vanished, even though black market vape cartridges didn’t.

It was first detected there because China has a robust public health system. There’s some epidemiological evidence that it was spreading in Italy before that, but was being misdiagnosed as influenza.

The laborers who creates these festivals were largely contractors. They either died or moved on to new employment during the pandemic. Now festival promoters are flabbergasted that their low paid workers were actually the ones who made shit happen.