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Check out these pictures of Raqqa after US and NATO bomblngs freed them for democracy. 70-80% of buildings were destroyed. The “official” UN civilian death toll is listed as 4,118 but some estimates say the number could be 10x higher as the city lacks the resources to sift through the rubble. https://www.boredpanda.com/before-after-war-photos-aleppo-syria/?utm_source=duckduckgo&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=organic

You don’t have to go that far back, or even leave the shores of the USA. The 50s and early 60s, the Red Scare years, were chock full of lynchings, leftists jailings, black leaders being assassinated (the CIA assassinating a president?), militarism, and imperialism. They had wee kiddies practicing cowering under our desks as school safety events in case of nuclear war. Actually, except for the addition of the climate starting to kill us, little has changed in 60 years. It may seem worse now since the real left has been neutered and replaced with whatever the DSA and their ilk pretend to be.

Running over the occasional pedestrian is just a cost of doing business but slamming into cop cars is unacceptable.

The new stuff is unwatchable. They even have a “woke” Borg now. Seven is now nothing more than a neo-liberal shill for a corporate Federation. The greatest fictional hive mind ever created and they’ve ruined it. No Klingons, Romulans, or Borg to fight, so now what? The Prime Directive is now making sure you don’t offend anyone.

“The Squid” shoot smoky ink out their mouth to try and camouflage their actions.

Ranks right up there with Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize. It’s a song contest turned propaganda, so who really cares.

While we are waiting for the US congress to help with Covid by distributing vaccines worldwide, I suggest they send another $40b in military assistance to Ukraine. Spending more on bombs always helps during a pandemic.

Been a Fedora user as long as there has been a Fedora. RedHats purchase by IBM has me a bit nervous. Hopefully, by the time IBM pulls the rug out, Flatpak will ease my transition to something else.

Few million in fines + a few dead babies still = huge profits and CEO bonuses. Price of doing business.

Figures they would invert “eat the rich” into the “eat the poor.” Class appropriation.

Why was episode 50 Part 1 of Mango Press removed for violating YT’s terms of service while episode 50 Part 2 is still available? “What’s in the box?”

How does the SEC continually ignore him manipulating stock prices through twitter? Another government agency made toothless to protect the rich.

'murikkkans love free market capitalism until another country does it better.

The old analogy of starting from third base then declaring they hit a homerun. “I took a small million dollar loan and turned it into two million through tax write-offs, government subsidies and contracts. I’m a business genius.”

If you can’t see why giving billions to nazi is more important than Covid vaccines and testing then you aren’t 'murikkkan.

If you can’t see why giving subsidies to oil companies is more important than slowing climate change then you aren’t 'murikkkan.

If you can’t see why corporate profits are more important than a living wage then you aren’t 'murikkkan.

The native peoples always need to be exteminated so territory is available for settlement. From the Trail of Tears to Gaza, the song remains the same. You can’t have suburbs and shopping malls with those pesky native people running around with claims to the land.