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  • Huawei uses android doesn’t it? Get revanced app and newpipe. Revanced is YouTube but with a ton more options and no ads. Even ports your normal profile. Newpipe plays YouTube stuff but the account you make is local. Can’t port your Google account BUT it can download any video on just about any format you want. Makes stealing music and shit real easy. You can paste YouTube links directly into newpipe and it’ll take you to the video. Newpipe is super easy, you just install. Revanced take a little work to get up and running. Both are worth it.

  • I have to roll my eyes ever time shit like this comes up. Even JT disagrees with the main branches stance and think they are kind of trash. His goal is to improve the organization from the inside. Going online and removed about the org isn’t going to change it. Me and my friends have joined our own local branch. Some are “unofficial” because they don’t care to pay dues to the main org because we all think it has generally trash stances on a lot of things, but we wouldn’t have met any other communists in real life or gone out and done actual praxis by helping the community. Just because you are part of an org doesn’t mean you agree with everything it says or does. As communists in the west we don’t have a whole lot of options. We either make due with what we can and try and make it better or we can sit at home and attack actual people doing praxis solely because they do it through some org we don’t like, like some fucking ultras or some shit.

  • So they MiGHT have working missiles on 3-5 more years… Assuming those corpos don’t just fuck off and make the F-35 version of a hypersonic missile. lol
    Then then have to figure out a ship that can actually manage to launch them.
    So realistically they have a decade before they start to have the same capabilities that China and Russia are already showing. Lol.
    And this is the country that’s beating it’s chest and drumming for more war.

    The only thing they have realistically that is a threat at this point is a lot of nukes. Idk how far along China is on systems to defend against nukes but I have to imagine they are getting pretty far along with it.