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It’s just because you gave your body time to fully heal and also fully refuel your muscles. A few days, even with proper nutrition, is just not enough to time to heal fully in-between work out days, even if you are rotating muscle groups those muscles are still working and more importantly the joints are still working. Joints take longer to heal that muscles as well. Especially when you are older. Refueling your muscles also takes time. Less time than healing but it’s like, your muscles are always going to perform better at 100% energy than at 95%.

Every time I take a few weeks off my first few sessions upon being back I make a pretty good gain on my reps and weight because I’m fully healed. Then I usually end up having to back track the next week and/or am just not able to maintain the same level of gain.

It also takes much longer than 2 weeks to loose your progress. Like 3 - 4 weeks before anything really starts to regress and even then you’ll gain it back in a few sessions.

The biggest side effect I experienced didn’t come till after I grew the fuck up and realized all the bullshit. It’s an extreme feeling of cringe, shame, and disgust at myself. It’s also a source of hatred for the people that made me that way and also I have trouble not reacting aggressively towards anyone that spouts that nonsense in my presence now.

Very well could be a part of the dollar milkshake theory. It’s something to look into. Idk how reliant Mexico is on the dollar. What industries they import and export to/from plays an important role.

Look up the dollar milkshake theory for a more in depth of how fucked everything is.

I practiced Taoism type meditation which originated in China. It’s pretty good. It is just a way to focus thoughts and clear the mind. Look at things from a logical standpoint and not let emotions get involved. I used a 365 daily Tao book that I would read a passage a day and meditate on it for a bit as I slowly cleared all thought from my head. Taoist ideologies are pretty good too. I don’t really think it has a connection with any political ideology. It’s more of just a way to look at the world. It’s really hard to explain it without just writing the book. The story of the Chinese farmer comes to mind. https://youtu.be/CzxprrfoEMM

“I have a big bushy beard and someone I know made a joke asking if I was going to dress up as some dude named " Marks” or something for Halloween. I looked him up and he was some old German guy that wrote some books. So I downloaded one and read it. Now I want to see the downfall of capitalism."

The lib cope will be so overwhelming the Vocel police will have to have the entire community under constant watch for at least the first few months.

I can’t even imagine how bad it will be. Just cope and rampant sinophobia. They will go on and on about “new genocide incoming” and/or “I guess Taiwan doesn’t care about the welfare of their citizens.” This whole instance will be nothing but overwhelming smugness and glee as it it’s nothing but laughing at 24/7 lib cope.

Is there a photo of him actually receiving and/or wearing it? Cause that would be awesome.

section 31 was cool and necessary and no one will ever change me from that opinion.

I assume they were also the ones behind the unofficial stealth starfleet vessel in TNG? The one that could phase through solid objects? Them giving that shit up in that episode because of some dumbass treaty pissed me off. Just from the research implications such tech could be used for. Imagine having the tech to be able to fly through a planet or star and study it from the inside? Then some asshats like "ugh but this this counts as “stealth” tech so we have to give it to the Romulans cause of stupid reasons. Then they take a shotgun to their own knees.

Ok rant over.

It was the anarchists. lol. It’s always the anarchists.

Probably one factor for sure but I also get a similar effect if I’m just gaming alone or watching something good and having some alcohol. Again just probably de-stressing in general. Not having anything to do the next day helps too cause I only drink on days/evenings when I don’t have to work the next day. So obviously there’s a lot to factor in to this beyond the booze. lol. “Shocking results says things that help you reduce stress improve sleep.”

I actually get the best sleep if I’ve been drinking that night. Not necessarily going to bed drink but usually after a night with some friends and booze. It very well could be that I’m just super relaxed though. Stress really fucks my sleep more than anything.

Depending on the type of pot though it can actually prevent you from sleeping. Although at one point in my life I was actually using it to help me sleep so take that as you will. lol. Very small amount too. Like one small puff and just enough to of an effect to… Reduce stress… lol

I like the end where someone just runs up and chucks the box of stuff in the window like "please take snacks, thank you."

Comrades I did an accidental science experiment with some beans I'm fermenting for chili and I wanted to share.
So I made like 3 gallons of chili a while back. I had 2 half gallon jars of beans I was rehydrating for said chili. Let them soak for a day but also added salt to the water. Well by next morning they were fermenting HARD. Like foaming out the top of the jars and bubbling like a soda. So I just let them go on my counter for a few days and then made chili out of them. Was delicious. Not sure if the fermentation did anything to the flavor of the beans but I had zero gas from them. So anyway I decided to make more chili again. I decided to ferment 3 half gallons this time, black beans, kidney, and red. So I got them all fermenting I can can now officially say the max number of fermenting beans you should have goin in one room is two half gallons. Cause god lord do these make a smell. It's distinct. Like you know it's from beans. It's like, you know how when you have a been fart you can tell it's a bean fart. Like you just can tell by some off note "yeah that's from those beans"? Well it's like that but without the rest of the fart. Just the beans part. Here's where the science experiment comes in. I have them all with air lock bubblers. The smell has attracted gnats to the jars and they fly down into the bubblers and get trapped in the liquid I used which is a suuuper salty brine. The distribution of gnats however, is not even. It seems the black beans have attracted no gnats, the red beans 1 gnat, and the kidney beans 7 gnats. So, I can surmise that, kidney beans cause the stinkiest farts of the 3 types. You're welcome.

First off the ridiculousness of these things never gets old for me. A while back I was up to 4 sets of 10 with 205lbs deadlifting. Not amazing but I was proud of it. Then I pulled a glute muscle and generally my joints aren't great so I took time to heal and to physically therapy. Been starting back slow and keep getting delayed cause work and life but I'm slowly working back up to it. Everything took a hit and weights been reduced across the board but I'm not gonna let myself get discouraged. Some progress better than no progress. What are you all working towards? Have a strategy? Want to boast on your gains or vent your frustrations?

Not sure if the decrepit old ghoul got her words mixed up or if she's trying to get sanctions removed. lol

https://catbox.moe/c/hzzvvj more pictures here including the adjustment mechanism I built this thing a while back and got as far as putting the pads on it. Only thing I have left to do is upholstery it. I have the material which is a vinyl cloth that's easy to clean. I went with red for the color because... I mean.... Obviously. It's just such a pain to cut and sew it and put it on. So it sits now with some towels over it to keep the foam from getting dirty. But it still works just as well. Funny enough I don't even really ever incline for any lifts as I have other lifts I do for those muscle groups anyway. lol. It is pretty damn cool regardless. Also, that lowest incline? Exactly 25degrees. I did not plan that. I just kind of was winging it.

The entirety of this was made out of scrap wood in my barn from other woodworking projects. No need to waste valuable 2x4s then you have tons of scrap plywood and a gallon jug of wood glue. Drilled holes into the sides for the pipe. Holes consist of a larger outer hole and smaller inner hole. Pipe ends are threaded and screw tightly into the inner hole. I then drilled a bolt through the other side and filled the hole with epoxy before screwing the pipe in place. I can put my whole weight on one pipe and not even hear a creak and so far haven't seen any signs of failure and it's been in use for like a year or so now. Sometimes I think I enjoy making all the weight lifting equipment more than the actual "getting fit" part. lol. Stay strong comrades.

So these were originally maxed out at 18lbs with concrete and didn't have anywhere else to put weight but I wanted a nice even number. So I wrapped the edge in tape to form a mold and then filled the rims with epoxy and all manner of washers I had sitting in a bit bucket doing jack all in my barn. Also BBs. They are easily the most ridiculous set of weights I own. But the hold a special place in my heart. As a little extra discussion, what are your fitness goals comrades? Personally I don't want to be any kind of power lifter but I would like to be able to deadlift like 300 in sets of 10 one day and squat close to that. Unfortunately my joints suck and I have been set back multiple times due to just having to figure out what I'm doing wrong or the general limitations of my joints. For instance I can never do a deep squat. Like my hips simply won't bend in a way that allows me to get that low. Nor do I think my old man knees could take it.

So the down side to my homemade weight plates is that I didn't have any that where the right diameter to do deadlifting. The diameter of the typical 45lb plate, and thus all the lower weight "bumper plates" is ~17.5 inches. None of my brake disk weights met this and I didn't have a mold for concrete weights that size. Nor do I want to be dropping concrete weights on the ground like that. So I made these bad boys. I took four 18 inch diameter pine rounds. Glued them together in pairs using a generous amount of wood glue and having the grain perpendicular as to add strength. Then drilled a hole in the center and smaller holes around that. Filled the smaller holes with concrete to even the weight out for each pair. Got them both to equal 10lbs each. They give me the proper height for deadlifting (ok so like .25 inches higher but I don't think that's hurting anything) and are fairly durable. The wood absorbed more impact and I'm also lifting on a rubber mat now so it's less impact on it. They are basically permanent additions to my bar cause they fit tight and are hard to remove. They are also my most expensive set of weights because I had to actually buy the pine rounds and while not super expensive they aren't "$2 for a 60lb bag of concrete" cheap. About $40 for the set I think? It's been a while since I made them. Also I hit them with a torch to darken them and sealed them with a few coats of water based polyurethane cause why not? Lifters... Uhhhh... Finds a way

Article link: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1iW4y167Vf Reddit link: https://www.reddit.com/r/Sino/comments/ve4a8z/003_fujian_launched/ From the comments section: "Also for reference as to how groundbreaking it is, it is China's first Catapult Assisted TakeOff But Arrested Recovery (CATOBAR) carrier, and its catapults are EMALS (Electromagnetic) - on par with FORD Class. The only countries in the world with CATOBAR and France (Charles De Gaulle has 2) and the USA (Ford and Nimitz classes have 4), both of which are nuclear. China has not only leapfrogged Steam Catapult Technology, but has also has its first CATOBAR carrier with 3 EMALS catapults, without doubt the most capable conventional carrier platform. Catapults will allow the J-15 (the heaviest carrier aircraft) to fully utilize its platform capability by increasing takeoff weight with full missile payload, increase sortie rates, and enable KJ-600 AESA AWACS to provide more situational awareness for China's CVG to operate further from the coast"

Made these using gallon sized food cans, concrete and steel bar. Drilled a hole in the ends of the steel bar and ran a bolt through to anchor I to the concrete. A single can filled with concrete can in to almost exactly 15lbs in a test run I did. Probably could get them to 35lbs even if I cared to throw some epoxy in the rim is I wanted but for now they do the job. A little unwieldy due to the sheer size of them. I think they are close to 2ft tall. The real trick was you got to stick the pipe in one can, let the concrete cure, then figure out how to stick in the other can and keep it upright with a 15lb concrete can attached to it already. I built a rig to hold them upright as picture here. https://files.catbox.moe/d9wi9v.jpg It may not be apparent from the pic but I did make one rather big flaw with this rig... I drilled holes for the pipe to fit in.... For dumbbells... Where each end was being closed off with a giant can... Getting the rig off the pipe was.... Less than easy. lol

So these are made out of brake disks I cleaned up. They were caked with rust so I soaked in vinegar for a few days. Used a brush and the rust just slid off. Rinsed, dried then coated with some truck liner spray to protect the metal. Inserted a piece of 2 inch PVC in the center. This size fits perfectly around an Olympic style barbell. Then filled with concrete. Once dry I used epoxy and BBs to even the weight out. Original weight for each was exactly 35.01lbs on a shipping scale. I have made several weights like this and will post more eventually. All in all I've saved myself hundreds on just making myself weights.