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I am assuming either no one noticed, or the ghost of Kalinin came down and told them not to. In all seriousness though, I have no idea but I am not going to complain about it.

I doubt it, I think there will be a dominant language, and probably a large consolidation of languages, likely arround the current the current writing systems, and I feel it will be a loss to the world, but I am wiling to hear push back on that.

I understand, I have run into bigger issues with the language barrier recently, not large issues, but more important than a sign saying safety harness demonstration.

Ok I know this is pure reddit cringe, and I cant think about it too hard, but other than admitting to being a US puppet why would this fictional russia have English as an official language?

We should all great class traitors with such a, warm, welcome as our Greek comrades showed Gorbachev.

I can’t read Chinese, but this to me stands out clear as day as a safety harness test, eveb without being able to read anything.

Sidenote, if anyone who can read Chinese would be kind enough to translate, that would be much apreciated.

I think they said they wanted to drive wages down, not just stop them going up

Is he provideding transportation? If so I think we have a great opportunity here.

Is this legal? I don’t think this is legal, either way this is what unions and strikes were made for.

Doesn’t the UN have a pretty high office in Geneva they could move to, that used to house the league of nation? They could move there temporarily

Dr.Xi, He has a doctorate, in law and Marxism I think, if I find his disertation agian I will post it here

No obviously they are saying it would return to republic of China control… while all of that happened , you just missed that they didn’t truly mean new

Hey dont be rude leeches still have a valid place in modern medicine, ensuring blood doesn’t clot in certain procedures.

Rub it in that you can get a huawei,

How do they work without android by the way? Or is yours pre sanctions?

Hands down the hammer and compass, especially when you put the wheat around it, perfect.

Don’t worry about the little fact that America no longer requires reporting of infections or deaths. Under tested, Moved there number reporting center to an overtly partisan office. I assure you all of that increases the trustworthiness