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You know what they say, no matter how much the imperialists cope and seath, they might be able to put a man on the moon, but they will never get a man in Havana.

Im still not going to take off my boots! Now where you want this fire wood.

I really don’t understand the whole Interview thing, that part feels to be written to me, especially as they hand wave the data set, and dont try to explain how that data set goes to this supposed convergence of images. It almost feels as if they are using techno babble when they go “as vast as the internet itself” does that mean the internet?

so I am making sure I understand this idea right, the EU who is already facing high oil and gas prices and relied on Russian oil and gas, is now trying to dictate to Russia, a soverign nation, not part of the bloc, what price they can sell at, or their companies would not work with them, and from what I understand their companies are already not suposed to be working with them because of the sanctions? Are they trying to poke the bear?

I am hoping for a hammer, You cannot go wrong with a good hammer

I refuse to take off my boots. I will just have to put them back on again, and its a whole ordeal. Though I will take you up and sit on that chair.

France left NATO that one time, I think that is what they are thinking

On my phone simple notes and quillnote Computer notepadqq

I am slightly curious what prompted this, I cant think Ukraine caused so many new nations to go “we are the baddies” (the yes to abstain not abstain to no, that was obvious)

Im more worried about all the new abstentions, what exactly does that mean, you dont go from “Nazis are bad” to “I am not sure about these nazi guys”

We can make grain eatter say anything we want?

Are all Crickets tankie or just the Cuban ones

And can the yankee prolitrate weponize the crickets

Im a little out of the loop, shat was Zlibrary, and how the heck is the US justifying the USPIS taking to down

I have no idea, but when you find it please let me know

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Linux Distro Choice
If this is in the wrong community let me know, but I have been away from linux for a little while now, and I have decided to come back to it. I am trying to figure out what Distro and Desktop environment I should use. I used to use Ubuntu and, Ubuntu based Distributions, though for various reasons I had bad experiences with the ones based down stream of Ubuntu, I have also heard that Ubuntu is no longer nearly as good as they where before. As for desktop Experences, I never really liked Gnome. That being said from what I can tell there has been quite a bit that has changed sense I left, and any recommendations would be much appreciated.