In Thefinnishbolshevic’s vid talking about kruschevite revisionism he says that Tito was a US puppet. Also, didn’t Stalin purge Titoists? Was he right to? Is finnbol right?

Any information about Celia Cruz?
So I used to watch the show One Day At A Time but haven’t since it was taken off Netflix. I recently remembered the cringe inducing scene where the daughter compared Che Guevara to Hitler and Kanye. This then made me remember Celia Cruz being praised on the show and her music being a part of the soundtrack. I looked up how she felt about Castro and the revolution; turns out she was one of the anti-revolutionists that fled Cuba. Most of the sources I could find when looking for more information were fairly anti-Castro so I’ve hit a bit of a wall when it comes to why Celia made the choice she did and what she believed in general. Weird question, I know. But considering her music is still quite popular and she’s talked about on that show, I have an urge to learn more.

Opinions about Rojava, kurdistan ?
I see a lot of posts on Reddit subs about them, a lot coming from themselves, but there's a lot of accusations about them working with the USA and at the same time be discarded by them, I was wondering if you have more information available, and what are your thoughts on them?

How do you tell if a source is reliable?
Often, mainstream sources are fine, but then there are many times they produce blatant or subtle propaganda. Also, with alternative stuff there’s some great stuff, and then there’s fascist propaganda and deviations from real Marxism or anti-imperialism. So, how do you do it?

Kim Il Sung - Great Anti-Imperialist Revolutionary Cause of Asian, African and Latin American Peoples Is Invincible
A vitally important piece of revolutionary literature. One of the most poignant passages is a direct rebuttal to the ultra left position that communists should not support the anti-imperialist struggles of countries with bourgeois regimes and reactionary elements (such as today's Russia): *In Asia, Africa and Latin America there are socialist and neutral countries, and big and small countries. All these countries except the puppet regimes of the imperialists and their satellite states constitute anti-imperialist, anti-U.S. forces. Despite the differences of state socio-political systems, political views and religious beliefs, the peoples of the countries in these areas, as the oppressed nations who were suppressed and exploited by the imperialists and colonialists, have the common goal and aspiration to achieve national independence and national prosperity against imperialism and old and new colonialism. The differences of state socio-political systems, political views or religious beliefs can by no means be an obstacle in the way of joint struggle against U.S. imperialism. All countries should form an anti-imperialist united front and take anti-U.S. joint action to crush the common enemy and attain the common goal.* *True, there may be various categories of people among those who oppose imperialism. Some may be active against imperialism, others may vacillate in the anti-imperialist struggle, and still others may join in the anti-imperialist struggle reluctantly under the pressure from their own people and the peoples of the world. But, whatever their motives, it is necessary to enlist all these forces except the henchmen of imperialism in the anti-U.S. joint struggle. If more forces, though inconsistent and unsteady, are drawn into the anti-U.S. joint struggle to isolate U.S. imperialism to the largest possible extent and deal blows to it by joint action, that will be a good thing and by no means a bad thing. Those who avoid the anti-imperialist struggle should be induced to turn out in the struggle against imperialism and those who are passive encouraged to be positive in the anti-imperialist struggle. To split the anti-U.S. united front or reject the anti-U.S. joint action will only bring a serious consequence of weakening the anti-imperialist, anti-U.S. struggle.*

Hafizullah Amin
Was Hafizullah Amin assassinated by the Soviets? If so, why?

did george orwell ever live in the soviet union
I think he fought in the Spanish civil war if I’m remembering it correctly but I don’t think he actually lived in the su ever

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