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Guess that’s expected when the goal is to make some very select people in a very select country richer than god

The problem is that such a war will very likely go nuclear and then we’re all done for

Also, looking back at the title, I have to disagree. “They” have learned a very valuable lesson from this war - anything goes. The ghost of USSR is finally at rest, there is no-one left to challenge the Hegemon. No lie is too blatant, no atrocity too great. They can do anything and get away with it.

Make the conditions worse to accelerate the rise of revolutionary thought? /s

I thought we solved this problem around the end of WW2?

Now ask the same people if it’s okay to fatally shoot robbers. See how quickly their pacifism evaporates

So apparently this, all this, doesn’t count as “deliberately targeting civilians/civilian buildings”, but a Russian missile getting intercepted mid-course and falling - does.


And plenty of jobs involve simple, but tedious actions. Including IT shit.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories.

Anything you would care to share?

He knows which side his bread is buttered. Make no mistake, these older oligarchs have a very good idea of class interests as a concept and in practice

You’d think so, but material conditions have been worsening all over the world for years, and all I’m seeing is more fascists cropping up

Hugo Chavez, he’s from Venezuela and has sadly passed away

Frankly I doubt it will go like this. More like “Reee fuckin rashka, fuckin Putin! Can’t escape from this swamp! Muh glorious democracy has expelled me because Putin is Dr Evil! I am ashamed to be Russian! Slave mentality!”

Wonder what that’s all about. US has already declared they’ll cockblock any attempts at a peace deal. Is this just posturing by Putin? “Look who’s backing us!”? More business deals? We’re already in the pocket.

It’s always low key been “dem russkies”, even at the height of “brown people” hysteria

This is an even bigger issue, yes. Seeing how these scripts seem to be very good at solving problems that are given without any concerns a human might have. Wonder if they are already being used for military purposes

What was that quote from Kalashnikov? “Blame the fascists for me becoming a gun maker, I wanted to design tractors”

Ten or eleven, if my calculations are correct. Frankly I’d expect shit behaviour like this to start later, around 14, but I suppose there’s an acceleration going on

The whole song and dance around GPT is making me nervous. Looks like the need to manually handle equipment is the only thing standing between me and getting replaced by a fuckin script

Jack Ryan

Isn’t that the character from those CIA propaganda books by what’s his face, the Hunt for Red October git?

Well I wouldn’t expect YouTubers who make such clickbait to be overly knowledgeable about ship designations. They might even call Admiral Kuznetsov something wacky, because it doesn’t fit the NATO classification

If that happens, mountains won’t be enough to protect em

Well I thought it was CritigalDesist, due to name similarities, but apparently it was a joke between comrades

Had this argument not too long ago. “Well yeah so they were doing that, does that justify the invasion?! What about Chechnya, we were doing the same!”

Really? I thought it was only active personell plus “security contractors”?

Makes me wonder what will happen to all the deposits of peculiar origin that are likely there

I’d give it a shot, but I usually need a boost while on work, which makes proper brewing difficult

Josephoartigasia monesi, the largest rodent known to science. Weighing more than a ton, it reached up to 1.5 *meters* in height. It dwelled in South America during Pliocene and Pleistocene. Art by James Gurney.

Today I bring you something peculiar. Meet *Tupilakosaurus*. It is an amphibian that dominated western Laurasia in early Triassic, as the biosphere struggled to recover after the Permian extinction. Tupilakosaurus was a small - just under a meter long - creature, with a long, powerful tail, short limbs and (apparently) external gills, like those of an axolotl. These fine animals lived in rivers without going ashore and hunted small fish or other amphibians. Tupilakosaurus is a curiosity due to its particular circular vertebrae (pictured below), which is uncommon for their kind of amphibians. Indeed, when first discovered they were originally believed to be fish, and later to be ancestors to Ichthyosaurs. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/598b2e79-cd91-4bf3-88ea-3e4353c6bc41.png) Despite their short existence, Tupilakosaurus had quite a sizeable habitat, ranging from modern day Greenland to western Russia, such as Vladimir oblast, Nizhny Novgorod region, and all the way to Arkhangelsk and Vyatka. It would take later amphibians millions of years to carve the same range.

I am not entirely sure what to make of it, given how shit GDP is as a meaningful statistic.

Freeze peach and silly “protests”
Not sure where else to post this, given the frivolous nature of the topic. So a few days ago I accidentally got into a political conversation with a liberal colleague. The topic was the much beloved by liberals in post-soviet states matter of "singular protests with an empty paper". For those not familiar with this brand of silliness, it's a type of performative "protesting" whereupon a person would go alone (or together with a cameraman) somewhere public and stand there with an empty piece of paper - sometimes large, sometimes just an A4. The idea (supposedly) is to demonstrate the stupidity of the Anti-Protest laws, since in some countries (Russia, Kazakhstan) such a performance usually ends quickly with police arriving and detaining the "protestors". The main issue in the conversation, however, was my colleague's assertion that such acts are perfectly harmless, don't disturb anyone and thus should not be interrupted. And that police detention is an absurd overreaction due to the undemocratic nature of our government. _And_ that in democratic countries - such as France or South Korea (his examples) one could do that with no problems whatsoever. And now I would like to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Today I bring you *Benthosuchus* - a relative of the Wetlugasaurus from the other week. Another Temnospondyli amphibian, its name translates to "crocodile of the deep". It's skull was ~70 cm long with overall body length reaching 2.5 meters. As with many other amphibians of this order, its eyes were closer to the top of the skull, aiming them upwards. This indicates that the animal was an ambush predator, waiting patiently just underwater until it was ready to strike. The typical species, *Benthosaurus sushkini*, was logged by Ivan Efremov in 1929, with overall genus classified in 1936.

Thus I bring you **Vetlugasaurus**. Despite the *-saurus* in the name, it is in fact an Amphibian of the Temnospondyli order, which lived in what is now Russia and Greenland during the early Triassic period. Originally discovered and categorized in 1920-s, it is named after river Vetluga - on the shores of which the first fossil was found. The skull measures ~22 cm, with overall body length ranging from 75 cm to 3 meters. In 2018, a full skull was found. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/90efee90-60d2-473e-ac3b-e87a7e8bf0f1.png)

Bonus: artistic rendition of its looks ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/4d178b62-dfae-406e-9655-175d87f50ef2.png)

The gorgonopsid was named after the river Vyatka in the Kirov oblast, near which it's been found. Kirov, of course, has been named after Sergey Kirov. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/dd019a41-6027-4710-b016-35a254585209.png)

cross-post from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/463061 > So the Russian government is dismantling the Ukrainian power grid with one hand, and helping the EU keep the UAF war machine running with the other. Yeah.

So the Russian government is dismantling the Ukrainian power grid with one hand, and helping the EU keep the UAF war machine running with the other. Yeah.

Have this beautiful dromeosaurus I found on r/Sino

Analysis of the bone structure of Multituberculata demonstrates that they gave birth to relatively large babies, with a fairly short period of milk feeding - similair to modern day rodents. This is in contrast to Marsupials, who birth tiny babies and milk feed them for quite a long time.


"A dress for the Tupandactil"


Crosspost from: lemmygrad.ml/post/346815 Head of Ukrainian Energoatom Piotr Kotin has suggested using artillery to destroy power lines going from the power plant. At the same time, UAF have began shelling the *nuclear power plant* with MLRS and plain artillery, as well as the nuclear waste storage.

Head of Ukrainian Energoatom Piotr Kotin has suggested using artillery to destroy power lines going from the power plant. At the same time, UAF have began shelling the *nuclear power plant* with MLRS and plain artillery, as well as the nuclear waste storage.

But remember - there is no racism in NATO, and the *real* fascists are them Russian orcs! Trust the media, trust the white house press service.

This particular skeleton was discovered in Mongolia in late 1940's - early 1950's. At the time USSR had organized a number of paleontological expeditions into the region - with great success. One of the most famous paleontologists of the expeditions was Ivan Antonovich Efremov (photo below), although he is better known as a science fiction writer, depicting a bright, socialist future of peaceful space exploration. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/d73467cb-fa89-48e1-b67a-1bb1f253ce17.png)

This is the Paleontology Museum in Moscow. The current building (pictured here) was created in 1965, after Academician Yuri Orlov petitioned the government that the old building was becoming too cramped and unfit for the vast collection. The museum currently bears comrade's Orlov's name. Their website: https://www.paleo.ru/museum/about/ More pictures inside.

An artist's rendition of an early human village, with some freshly-domesticated dogs at the forefront. At the back, a cave lion is hesistant to approach the strange place. Sadly, I have lost any information on who the artist is, so if you know - please share.

This is an Olorotitan - a type of hadrosaur, found in what is now Amur oblast in Russia. At approximately 12 metres long it was one of the largest species of its family. It is also notable for some unique characteristics, such as having 18 vertebrae in the neck, instead of the usual 15. Some scientists consider this to be a hint at the potential evolution of the hadrosaurs, had they not gone extinct - a drift towards sauropod like adaptations.

Need help with a list of NATO founders that were card carrying Nazis
Good evening, comrades. I was not sure where to post this question, so I picked the community I knew. The question is as it says on the tin: I know that there were plenty of "former" Nazis in the NATO as it was created. But is there a comprehensive list? Names and positions. Thank you in advance.