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Dianectical materialism?! Is that scientology meets marxism?

No due to the fact that mistrials can occur. Once you’ve killed someone who was actually not guilty it’s pretty hard to make that up afterwards.

Been there too comrade. It’s absolutely nothing to feel guilty about taking a break to look after your health. If feeling ineffectual is the contributing factor in your mental health decline, then I would recommend just taking a wee break, and then look at a practical way to help the proletariat. Practice is key. Both in us learning as communists, but also in proving to the proletariat that we have the solutions they want. Practical help can be as little as helping your neighbours or, as you say, mutual aid work. I was part of an organisation and they focussed way too much on the political and ideological and were not in with the workers nor was that the direction of their planning. That really burnt me out and made my own mental health spiral downwards. Take a break, and find a group that you think is doing good, useful work for the workers (or make your own). Not every org has to be the vanguard party. The vanguard needs support from the working class and all its organisations. Also, not all of us are Lenin. There is nothing wrong with picking the contribution you can make and focussing on doing that well. I hope that ramble helps somewhat

Does the red cross next to each statement make it a double negative?

What do you mean general discussion threat? Is particpation mandatory?

“Hatred of Israel is an inseparable part of its agenda […], occassionally” I mean it’s either inseparable or it’s not

Goin back to some Arctic Monkeys. AM was not their best, but Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino won me back over. 4 out of 5 is one of my jams at the moment with a bit of Cryin Lightning, and Fluorescent Adolescent. Also been hitting a funk groove as well

Would be nice to have the freedom to retrain as a chef and become a cook in a way less toxic environment

She still may visit Taiwan in an "un"official capacity as is the norm followed by previous yankee politicians

Ima be honest I’m a sucker for pineapple on my pizza - ham and pineapple is fuckin delicious and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise - but I draw the line at banana. That’s weird as shit

You’ve got some good stuff in there comrade. In terms of building your community you should defo look into how to set up community gardens in your area. It helps the proletariat develop skills and systems of self sustenance, planning, and diistribution, as well as building that communal mindset

Man photographer was in a prime position to kick that guy square in the nuts. Can’t shoot someone when your testes are in your throat

Karl Marx's birthday
Greetings comrades today marks the 204th anniversary of Karl Marx's birth. Mark the celebration how you will

Engels' quote on historiography
hey comrades I'm trying to find Engels' quote on historiography but google is failing me. It is relevant to a convo I'm having with my e hoa (friend)