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The movement in my home country needs all the help it can get. Having leftists bail instead of helping the proletariat here would be just the biggest waste of time and talent, and a really major tactical blunder

I mean some of those countries are the most in need of democracy

His wife looks like she could play the love interest in an 80s coming of age movie

Giving a huuuuuge benny of the doubt to the leftists wanting to live in the turd reich in hoping they wanted to agitate and destabilise from the inside… hoping way tooo much for yankees though lol

Why the fuck would you toke up during the revolution. Gotta keep a clear head in that moments comrades

One of the neat things in SWCC is the idea of not letting the current material conditions be blinkers on your aims. It is about understanding that where you are must be thought of as a step to where you want to go. That pudgy blowbag could learn a thing or two from SWCC

Neat! Sorry to all people having to live and work in the USA, I know this can cause serious material harm to you lot, but daaaamn I hope this one finally wrecks that country

As in co-ops run by a working class that is aware of its position in society and the material reasons as to why it occupies that position and how to change it

Worker co-ops on their own aren’t really good for changing the system. However, worker co-ops with class consciousness could be useful to support and supply revolution in the same way the Soviets were bases of revolution in the Russian Empire. It’s sort of like unionism. A union on its own isn’t necessarily a revolutionary body, but it can be with proper class consciousness and a revolutionary leadership and membership.

Anyone else get that feeling like you’re in an evil parallel universe?

In a sense he’s right, it is no comparison between the two attitudes. He just thinks the wrong way around. Lol bit of a horseshoe innit

Because those are all curated vote choices which is a false/paper freedom aka lying to the people. What would be achieved by a proletarian state engaging in this?

A multiplicity of parties does not guarantee “democracy”.

The United States is also a one-party state but, with typical American extravagance, they have two of them. Julius Nyerere

Within a party structured around democratic centralism and the principle of engagement with the masses you can have a far greater degree of democracy than in a multi party state. Also if, as you say, you want a marxist economy why would you want to sacrifice that by allowing non-marxist elements control of the state machine? Capitalism doesn’t persist in capitalist countries because everyone votes for its reinstatement every year. It persists by force; and it will use that force if ever given half a chance through the ballot box. Having a government with a Marxist-Leninist party at the head of governance also does not preclude other parties from being coalition partners with said party e.g China, DDR. Not to mention the fact that previous existing socialisms and currently existing socialisms are marked by great degrees of genuine peoples power at local and national levels, with far greater alignment between policy and the interests of the common people