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Don’t you know short man=small peepee=incompetent and evil

She spelt imperialism wrong. China is committed to internationalism, Davos is committed to imperialism

Remember that time gender and sexual minorities killed 6 million people based on a social character they were born into?

Nah it’s election year and it will be a tight race for the Labour-Green coalition vs National and Act. The party is hoping that achange of leadership after a turbulent 2nd term will be enough dressing on a pig to fool the voters. Labour has copped a lot of flack for covid and its economic downturn, we have a cost of living crisis like all western nations, and the three waters infrastructure reforms are hugely unpopular

It’s just a typo, they put Bill and Joseph in the wrong columns

All trumped by the almighty cat. They’re so liddle but they think they’re so tough, and then they make the cute noises

Cats are the cutest animal on the planet, why wouldn’t you post them? Have you seen cats?!

Instead of coming up with isms why not, you know, go and do some fucking work

In my country totally legal, even to marry them

It’s actually more nuanced than that. The Russians have bought some Juche necromancy machines from the DPRK. So the orcs get shot, and then they necromancer them into zombies

The red flag is flying here is sung to the tune of O tannenbaum

Jesus, in Aotearoa there was huge barney because the welfare office went through a woman’s Snapchat to determine (in their own minds and without consulting her) that she was in a relationship and thus slashed her benefit. Policing relationships like fascists

God I hope they have the sense to be using army medics and doctors to fill paramedic roles. I ain’t one for this bullshit, but man I don’t wanna see people die cos UK refuses to recognise they people need to be able to afford to eat

During the cold war, the anticommunist ideological framework could transform any data about existing communist societies into hostile evidence. If the Soviets refused to negotiate a point, they were intransigent and belligerent; if they appeared willing to make concessions, this was but a skillful ploy to put us off our guard. By opposing arms limitations, they would have demonstrated their aggressive intent; but when in fact they supported most armament treaties, it was because they were mendacious and manipulative. If the churches in the USSR were empty, this demonstrated that religion was suppressed; but if the churches were full, this meant the people were rejecting the regime’s atheistic ideology. If the workers went on strike (as happened on infrequent occasions), this was evidence of their alienation from the collectivist system; if they didn’t go on strike, this was because they were intimidated and lacked freedom. A scarcity of consumer goods demonstrated the failure of the economic system; an improvement in consumer supplies meant only that the leaders were attempting to placate a restive population and so maintain a firmer hold over them. If communists in the United States played an important role struggling for the rights of workers, the poor, African-Americans, women, and others, this was only their guileful way of gathering support among disfranchised groups and gaining power for themselves. How one gained power by fighting for the rights of powerless groups was never explained. What we are dealing with is a nonfalsifiable orthodoxy, so assiduously marketed by the ruling interests that it affected people across the entire political spectrum.

Michael Parenti, Blackshirts and Reds: Rational Fascism and the Overthrow of Communism

Well said comrade. My family, including an infant, managed to catch it the day before we were due to travel. Luckily no major damage done to anyone, but still huge disruption to our plans

Wife has got covid, tested positive the day we were supposed to leave for Christmas holidays. Just fuck all those countries that failed to contain the virus due to ineptitude

Hoping my own cos there are some pretty serious groups forming up

Aka I’m a solipsist and don’t know what Juche is, therefore no one knows what Juche is

article from Aotearoa highlights how US financial policy is pulling money from the empire back into Wall St

Karl Marx’s birthday
Greetings comrades today marks the 204th anniversary of Karl Marx's birth. Mark the celebration how you will

Engels’ quote on historiography
hey comrades I'm trying to find Engels' quote on historiography but google is failing me. It is relevant to a convo I'm having with my e hoa (friend)