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To oversimplify, Hitler is the father of the “third position”.

It’s “neither left, nor right”, but it’s really just ‘non-marxist socialism’. You know, the thing Hitler used to describe National Socialism.

what ideology do you claim?

It would be interesting to know which ideologies are represented the most on Lemmygrad. Please vote to let us know. …


maybe I’m remembering wrong but this jogged my memory for a second. Back during the elections, didn’t it come out that Biden’s son was being investigated for something having to do with Ukraine? like a shady business deal or something? If someone knows what I’m talking about and can help me fully remember, that’d be great.

edit, looked it up myself. I found it https://www.npr.org/2022/04/09/1091859822/more-details-emerge-in-federal-investigation-into-hunter-biden

I adore tankettes, so much. They didn’t last long, but they were so cute.

I often wish the development of better guns slowed down for like a decade longer, so we could’ve seen more use of them. Though, they’re still used by some impoverished militaries as makeshift IFVs, which I think it neat.

I don’t have sources, because I really don’t wanna go searching for them.

But there’s little to no evidence that the Soviets forced themselves onto the women they encountered on their way towards Berlin. Meanwhile, though, it’s well documented that the Americans did, and were widely hated by a lot of the French.

I make sure to remind people of this frequently while talking about institutions beloved by liberals during this period.

“the day the allied fronts met and Soviets and Americans shook hands? We should call that defeat day, because western media tells me the nation that’s putting a hurting on neo-nazis isn’t doing too hot in their war” get fucked. Not only is it factually incorrect, but it also belittles the sacrifices millions of people made to oppose fascism. This is some real westerners descending into fascism hours

“now that that’s over”

lists three states where it’s legal to have an abortion

Roe V. Wade’s overturning just means it’s still up to states to decide if abortion will be legal, but the government can’t stop conservative states from fully banning it.

It was a court case that was fought over an interpretation of the 14th amendment. And its overturning is due to a different interpretation by the current supreme court… but I haven’t seen a single liberal call out the supreme judges on this, only conservative politicians. Liberal virtue signalling is at an 11 lately.

The US government not having a national curriculum for education means it’s entirely up to states to decide what they teach their students. And because schools get funding based on how likely it is for a college to accept one of their students (which is determined via sports and testing) the curriculum becomes nothing more than a testing meat grinder.

All of the biases students are taught are subject to the voting habits of the voting population of that state. If the voters put a fascist into the governor’s position, the Commissioner of Education will be whoever they want it to be. And that commissioner can teach students whatever they want, as it’s an unelected position and they only have to answer to the governor. US schools are capitalism factories, because the US is a capitalism factory.

In Texas, in order to graduate you have to take a class that quite literally teaches Texan Nationalism. I took it in 7th grade and it was so mind-numbingly boring.

Sorry about this person, comrades. They’re a nazi who we’ve banned three times now, but they keep making new accounts with the exact same name only with a number added.

There aren’t really many, imo. The only channels I can tolerate are ones that focus on very specific topics, and have no reason to ever talk about the politics of the modern age. It seems like the only way a history channel can get big when it talks about modern politics these days, is if they have the worst liberal hot takes and only use CIA sources. The top handful of channels for this genre of history all feel like they skim Wikipedia as their research for their scripts.

I really enjoy Invicta, though. His voice is very soothing, and he pretty much only talks about the Roman Empire and subjects similar or somehow connected.

oh boy, as soon as the lifestylists catch wind of this, any of them who supported Palestine in their fight against Israeli subjegation are gonna start making “support for Palestine = support for Russia = literally evil” arguments.

I find it hilarious that a lot of western military bros will incessantly repeat ad nauseam that fitness is the deciding factor in war. You gotta be fit or you’ll die, if your army isn’t fit it’ll lose every battle, so on so forth.

But the US has lost at least two wars to people who, supposedly, didn’t train fitness before getting into conflicts. So maybe the talking point is a bit case by case

I need a source on this if anybody has one.

When I first started getting into socialism I was within this camp of stupidity, reading this post made me cringe at 19 yo me.

Fascism is when an ethnic group that’s been invaded and put to a genocide make nationalistic arguments for why their nation should still be theirs and why they shouldn’t be being bombed in the thousands for just existing.

Socialism is when the state owns some industries and there are public works for citizens.

every leftist should know this by now, smdh stoopid tankies.

Churchill was a genocidal coward. for once Bush is right in saying something.

not saying this is what’s happening, but I think NATO’s going to try to get more involved in the war by using Poland somehow.

I could def see the media spinning Russia reacting to Poland’s militaristic moves into Northern Ukraine as yet another Russian evil and a reason for NATO to be more involved.

So what if she’s attended NSM rallies, is a Klan member, and has been arrested 12 times for aggravated assault of racial minorities? the dog is adorable tho. See, look at the cute doggie.

Death to America, of course…


Roth Stout's method of gardening

I’ve tested this out over concrete slabs and over nutrient-starved sand. As long as your bed of mulch and good growing material is thick enough you can grow just about anything. Though, even with the modified method where you add bagged dirt on top of the mulch, I found it difficult to grow anything…


'NATO's war in Ukraine' is expanding to include all of NATO's current hostile activities.

I made this community before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a place to post headlines and discuss the rising tensions. With the war in Ukraine slowing down, I feel it’s a good time to open the community up to discussions about the other theatres NATO is pushing itself into. …


To help new users get more aquanted with Lemmygrad, here are some community highlights.

In my opinion, it would suck to see Lemmygrad - a project I’ve been on for roughly 3 years - become nothing more than the “GenZedong backup”, so to help the new refugees spread out and utilize more of Lemmygrad’s communities, here are a few communities I’d like to draw attention to. …


On Applications

If you’ve put in a membership application, please hang tight. it can take anywhere between a few seconds and a few hours for the admins to get to your application, y’all are flooding in so fast. …


Anyone else getting a Pavlovian responce from following the Russo-Ukrainian war?

Since the war started I’ve seen the Ukrainian flag no less than ten times a day, and almost every time (I’d say a solid 8/10 times) it’s been linked to something that elicited anger in me. (horrible stuff Ukraine’s military is doing, the Azov battalion, shitlibs with bad takes, etc.) and now every t…


Help me find footage of the war from Russia's perspective

I feel like I’m being smothered by Ukrainian footage when I try to find videos from the frontlines. This could, of course, be part of OpSec and I’ll fully accept that. But being able to see what’s going on, and not have it be over the shoulder of the side I’m rooting to lose would be - at the least …


DPRK Foreign Ministry issues statement on Ukraine

can be translated to english on their website…


Help me find a banner photo for this community

Please comment some pictures of the current war in Ukraine, I’ll pick my favourite in a few days and make it the banner…