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Women in academia under capitalism, as portrayed by western media: Look at these brave and valiant minds, breaking down gender norms and their oppression, they’re so much smarter than their male counterparts and they’re proving it!

Women in academia under communism, as portrayed by western media: They’re being oppressed into working in fields they do not want to, they’re not champions of the international feminist movement, they’re slaves to commie men! so evil!

I tried to look it up, but I didn’t really find anything useful.

My assumption, and mind you it is only an assumption, is that the MIT does sometimes act as a progressor of imperialist aims - and since the 90s MIT has been engaged in a partnership with the mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to send American student engineers and scientists to China to work with Chinese businesses and universities, which seems to (at least from the vibe I was getting looking on MIT’s site about this) try to legitimise Taiwan and Hong Kong as independent and legitimate countries in the eyes of not only the students they send, but in the eyes of the people the students work with. Though, just generally, it reeks of bourgeois 20-year-olds being sent to the culturally isolated parts of a hostile culture that agree with their biases to act as white saviours.

I have no idea if any of that factored into the blocking of MIT’s site (nor have I checked to verify if they have actually blocked MIT’s site) though, so, consider this just me talking out of my ass.

btw if you’re not on their mailing list (and don’t mind having your email be linked to your politics), you should get on it. …

love when liberal politicians just blatantly say capitalism is inherently inferior to planned economies, but try to turn it as a “and that’s why planned economies are bad”.

Like, they’ll give you a very solid argument for why China’s system is vastly superior to American Capitalism, then say “but China bad tho”.

I probably should have did a hyperlink for the S.W.O.R.D. system too, that’s my bad.

Here’s a direct link to the appropriate website;

S.W.O.R.D. is just a firearm system that’s been designed to be attached to autonomous ground vehicles, it uses solenoids to trigger the firing of rounds, and it’s existence is spurned a lot of controversy both from the media, and from within NATO itself. having a rifle that you don’t need a human to operate scares a lot of people (rightfully, I might add), so the S.W.O.R.D. system isn’t very commonly used, and it usually only comes in front of the general public when some billion-dollar firm wants media attention.

SWORD isn’t an “assault rifle”, but whatever.

Also the term “assault rifle” is bad, and I really wish people would stop using it. Literally the term was made up by Hitler as propaganda for the concept of an evolution to the service rifle - that being a rifle that replaces both the submachine gun and the battle rifle by pairing the bullet diameter of the battle rifle with an intermediate case length that’s smaller than the battle rifle’s while being select-fire and shorter than a usual rifle of the time - then was popularized by the media before NATO started using the term themselves, and now the term is the only name most people know the concept as. The term is legitimately just to make this evolution in service rifles sound scarier.

S.W.O.R.D. is an unmanned weapon system that’s chambered in either 6.5 Creedmore or 7.62 NATO, both are full-length cartridges you would expect to find used by battle rifles. Though, it’s important to note that the 6.5 is commonly used as a hunting caliber and was designed for that, while 7.62 NATO was designed by the Americans specifically to be a replacement to .30-06. That’s the first strike off against it being an “assault rifle”, but we shouldn’t get into the pedantics of all the other points, when the realistic usability of this system is much more important.

As far as it matters, this can only effectively be a media stunt. This still has many trials to go through, and it will require an entirely new MOS to be formed - Spot Operator (or some shit) - as the military won’t get away with automating its functions. That would be a media nightmare for them. Also, they’re not going to use it to replace human beings on the battlefield. If Spot finds his way into war, they’ll be used to supplement fighting forces… though more likely than not, the military will continue on the path they’ve already chosen for Spot. Carrying a portion of the soldier’s combat load and scouting

Robotic warfare (and for that matter, robots having any real advantages over humans, other than being cheaper than humans) is still very far in the future, and the media is just going to keep using every little development to try to scare people against progress… which I say as a soft-Luddite, terrified of automation. Don’t let the media scare people into believing the T-70 Hunter-Killer is the inevitable future.

I got death threats and was followed daily when I was a party leader in my small town’s attempted communist party. The US has a very hostile culture towards Communists, you can lose your job simply for implying that communism isn’t terrible (I personally know people who’ve been a victim of it), you can lose your job for even just mentioning unions (also know people who’ve been victim to it, plus I work in an industry that union busts). We can potentially be imprisoned for “terrorism” by being loudly Communist at the wrong times. The FBI’s murdered our leadership, too. Bayarea’s literally just protecting his identity… ya know, so he can live like a human being under this totalitarian system we’re forced to exist in.

Literally every non-ML in this country will talk about MLs like we’re terrorists already. Bayarea hasn’t changed that perception whatsoever. He’s been a net positive for the left, simply by getting our viewpoints and dialectically materialist facts in front of a larger audience than anyone on Lemmygrad could ever hope to do.

This is one of those cases where if you disagree with him or his methods, that’s cool, you’re free to critique. but if your critique is about him concealing his identity, please just shut the fuck up.

Poland’s transition to a fully Fascist state incoming

They’re basically already there, they just have to detach from the EU (so the EU can’t try to steer them back towards western-liberalism) and reform their government structure. They’re going to keep an aggressive posture towards Russia, that’s a given, so I could see them forming a diplomatic alliance with Ukraine (who has already transitioned to a Fascist government… it’s what the civil war was about) and motioning towards a new organization of nations in Eastern Europe that’s against East and West. (Though, that obviously wouldn’t last very long before either being starved of resources, or utterly crushed by invading armies.)

Hopefully, though, this business is just talk and nothing comes of it. Else we get a new European war.

As the warrior-poet IceCube once philosophised; “You better check yourself, before you wreck yourself”

Self-criticism and criticism of the ideals and beliefs provided during your upbring or of your surroundings must be performed regularly. Failure to do so only leads towards idealism and dogmatism.

I don’t go to twitter, so I have no idea what this is about, but I do have something to add/talk about regarding patriotism in the western left.

If you look at Patriotist movements around the world, many of them tend to favour anti-imperialism, self-determination, and mirror Nationalist sentiments, but in a more softcore sense. Patriotist movements aren’t inherently bad, just as Nationalist ones aren’t, but when we look at them in a western context, we see a strong political bias from them. But, who woulda guessed the people who colonized and imperialized the globe would have a far-right sentiment when talking about protecting themselves from outside influences.

In the US, before the red scare, patriotism and American Socialisms went hand in hand often. It wasn’t uncommon to see far-left organisations of all stripes make calls to patriotism to further ingrain left-wing sentiment within their target audience. As well, in the modern world, there is an argument that’s worth mentioning that calls to patriotism still have value. But, if we look at the left-wing organisations in the US that make calls to patriotism today, you’ll find that it’s primarily right-DSA aligned groups. Or, to put it in twitter liberal terms, socially woke but economically broke aligned groups. I.E. they care about social issues, but don’t care about fighting capitalism passed the aesthetic of saying “capitalism bad”

The American Iron Front is the group I see making the biggest appeals to patriotism, they’ve put an American flag on their logo, “American” is in their name, they constantly talk about ‘patriotic duty’. They’re essentially what happens when you fetishise the WWII western front, then suddenly Nazis show back up… which is literally what’s happened and why they exist. But, post-red scare, you can’t make calls to American patriotism without also making calls to anti-communism, so of course every left-wing group who tries to use patriotism also uses anti-communism. Which is where their “left-wing” gets a hole.

Groups in the US that use patriotism inherently lean towards the right, and anyone who tries to use patriotism for a fascist, imperialist, and colonialist country as a means of inspiring left-wing sentiment is only using left-wing aesthetic to push pro-capitalist narratives.

If we ignore a lot of strictly far-right oriented conspiracy theorism, there’s a surprising amount of theories that are at least very likely true but either governments or government organizations deny.

And, of course, some of the strictly far-right theories are based on likely true stuff, but they lean much too far into fantasy, or delude themselves by blaming the wrong elements of society - or just flat out linking likely true stuff to obviously fake stuff. (pizzagate comes to mind, for instance)

But, while talking about Pizzagate, there is an element of that does seem to be true. That being that there’s an illegal child sex-trafficking ring that this nation’s elites take part in, and the government murdered Epstein to keep covered up.

Then there’s a healthy amount of stuff that gets called ‘conspiracy’ by the establishment, but clearly doesn’t count as such because all of the evidence is out in the open, you just have to look anywhere but where mainstream media wants you to be looking. Stuff like the war on terror being a front to secure oil from the middle east and destabilize the governments of that region. The US using death squads and funding opposition groups around the world to destabilize governments that disagree with them diplomatically. There are others, but I don’t see much point in writing out a whole-ass list.

We could also talk about pseudo-conspiracies that are likely true, but which lack official evidence. Things like Facebook controlling narratives on the site. Twitter shadowbanning political opponents to the West. ETC. These theories are interesting and if you’re even slightly online you may have already either heard of or experienced them. But, of course, because these aren’t rigid theories with ample evidence you’re bound to see people on the far-right use these to ‘prove’ their far-right bullshit. So grain of salt them.

There are what I like to call “hybrid theories”, which is a conspiracy theory that ties into other conspiracies, while also using well-researched sources. Depending on if sources are to be trusted (I’m not going to say whether or not they should be) 9/11 would count as one of these. Though we’ll ignore the far-rights “jet fuel can’t melt steel beams” line. In this case, 9/11 is a hybrid because it can be tied directly into the US’s support, funding, etc. of the Mujahadeen in the '70s and '80s against the USSR, previous disruption efforts carried out by the US prior to the event, and the US using the war on terror to do what I’ve previously discussed in this comment.

We could talk about “pop-theories” too (alt. “urban legends”). Things that are popular subjects that people will just talk about without having any evidence, but which spread before the internet age (or after it for that matter, but most are from before) via word of mouth. Walt Disney being frozen is one, Polybus is another. Both of those are false, but a couple of these were possibly true. A recent likely true one being that during the storming of the capital, the police guarding the white house just let people get by them, because the police in the US have become a mostly fascist-oriented career and so they tend to support fascist-oriented causes.

But, the big thing about conspiracy theories is that if you’re not in a top-level intelligence agency position, it’s very hard to know for absolutely sure if things are true or not until someone in that position either spills the beans, or documents leak. Which, due to the inherently negative effects of the internet and its cult-like communities, just feeds the cycle. There are a couple of theories that I’d argue are provably real (the child sex-trafficking ring, for instance) but won’t gather popular support, simply because certain elements of the internet take the evidence way too far, and makes so-called “rational” people sceptical of all theories, even when the evidence is laid out in front of them.

I know you asked about theories that I think are real, but I spend way too much time researching and learning about conspiracies (it and studying the far-right are fascinations of mine) and apparently I had a bit more of a ranty answer in me than I thought at the start.

boy howdy, reading that is like when you’re watching pole vaulting and the athlete does everything correctly, then overshoots the mat and breaks their leg. Started strong, ended horribly.

What if my dream is making sure the sun never rises again?

I feel like it wasn’t super common (but still definately happened) until the NCW started, I feel like we’ve seen an explosion of Chinese immigrants, or citizens of HK or Taiwan (or even just Asians in general, white people are a bit ethnicity-blind) being the faces of anti-China propaganda.

To be fair to the authors though, a fucktonne of the people who moved from China to the west leaned far-right anyways, so they’re probably suggesting this shit and happily writing it.

unfortunately, it doesn’t really matter. The government will keep acting like the economy doesn’t exist, and won’t stop spending more of the already tiny budget on shit that doesn’t need funding. All while continuing to print as much money as the mint can handle, even if printing more money only makes the problem worse.

this happens a lot, and it’s by far one of the more negligent practices the police employ in the war on drugs.

They tell the accused that they’ll get a shorter sentence, better treatment, etc. if they cooperate with the police investigation, then send untrained and unprepared people straight into the lion’s den. Far, FAR too often the sting goes awry and the accused either ends up being killed, injured, or held hostage. Women who agree often get raped because of it.

When it goes wrong, it’s common for the police to try to sweep the entire thing under the rug and pretend they had nothing to do with it. Posing it like some junkie got attacked during a deal.

Worst of all, the contract isn’t binding and can be immediately overturned by a judge, or argued out by the prosecutor. Though, is often just forgotten about by the same cops that got the accused to agree to it, and never mentioned to anyone. Our prisons are full of non-violent criminals who were charged with possession, cooperated with the police in their investigations, but gained nothing from it. It’s disgusting.

gotta love when closeted fascists (or even out-in-the-open fascists) call everything even moderately left of them “communism”.

I once saw a self-proclaimed “American Nationalist, Race Realist, and Nazi” call conservatives ‘commies’ for disagreeing with the need for a stronger government. Like, what are these people even on?

It’s a great jumping point into Asia’s sphere of influence, from the naval bases on the island chain the US can access pretty much all of east Asia and the island nations around there. When McKinley said this, it was more theoretical than anything. But it was proven in WWII, when Hawai’i was used as a base of operations for the Marines and the navy in the war against Japan.

Ironically, Japan saw Hawai’i as a great jumping point into North America, which is the provided reason for their attack on the island chain.

Modernly NATO has Japan, South Korea, HK, and a few other places that they can launch attacks or imperialist missions into Asia’s sphere of influence from, but Hawai’i is still used as a launching point for the navy. If you join the American navy to work on ships of war, you’re very likely going to end up in Hawai’i at some point in your career.

NATO: bombs a country to within inches of its life, invades and destroys every square inch of the country, funds US-backed terror organizations, death squads, etc. to disrupt the peace in the country, pushes propaganda to make people believe war crimes are the only answer to the issues they present in the country

People from that country: defends themselves

NATO: “see, they’re authoritarian, anti-democracy, warlike, and evil! We told you all of this before, and now they’re proving it!”

Should a Lemmygrad FAQ be put together?

I’ve noticed over the years that new users tend to have overlapping questions, such as what theory they should read, how to find a party, what Marxism-Leninism even is, ect. …

“bUt whAT aBoUt The trAUma CopS EndurEd?” piss off, having to arrest their buddies isn’t the worst thing that could’ve happened to them. …

Don’t forget to burn the flag in defiance of celebrations for the empire. …

Unfortunately I can’t translate this one, if you can I’d like to know what it says. …

Text reads (if google translate isn’t fuckin up) …