Using Reddit for years , I had come to Lemmy.

I would like to know the difference between Reddit vs Lemmy.

Like, what features Lemmy has that Reddit don’t? Does Lemmy have some features missing that already exist on Reddit?

And finally: have you heard of Libreddit yet? It has LOTS of themes, unlike Reddit, including Dracula and others.

If you’ll please tell me how can I have Dracula theme in Lemmy, I would appreciate it!

Thanks in advance,



Expert Plus

P.S. BTW, why Lemmy’s UI isn’t so look professional? I mean, it looks like Reddit’s old UI, and as for me, it’s suck, so can I have a better UI please? If so, how? Lemmy’s lite version seems to be deprecated and i didn’t find any Lemmy web apps that would be better for me. If you know one, please tell me it! Name it!

  • ☆ Yσɠƚԋσʂ ☆
    161 year ago

    I feel the opposite regarding the UI. Lemmy UI is clean and easy to follow, Reddit redesign is a giant mess. It’s bloated and flashy, but not at all ergonomic in my opinion. I find threads are much harder to scan through.

    • @Daryl76679
      61 year ago

      I like the new Reddit design and Lemmy’s design. I hate old Reddit with a burning passion

      • ☆ Yσɠƚԋσʂ ☆
        121 year ago

        I find old reddit is fugly, but at least it’s functional. New reddit design is just too busy for my liking.

      • link
        11 year ago

        @Daryl76679 SO…

        Can you please re-read what did you just said?

        You like Lemmy’s design and hates Old Reddit’s design?

        I dislike them both, including Reddit’s new UI.

        There is an Reddit app, called Troddit, and I’m proud to say that I enjoy Troddit’s Ui and functionality :-)

        • AdaM
          41 year ago

          I mean, I agree with him. I like lemmy’s design and hate old reddit

    • @pingveno
      31 year ago

      I generally like Lemmy’s design, with one exception. There is no formally structured recognition of rules for a community. There’s just a blob of text that the community moderators have to somehow structure in a visually appealing way. Because there is no recognition of rules, the reporting dialog box does not allow for simply selecting in a drop down, since there is nothing to select from.

    • Expert PlusOP
      -111 year ago

      Lemmy UI is clean and easy to follow

      JESUS CHRIST, GOD how can people prefer an OLD, UNSTABLE UI!!!

      Reddit redesign is a giant mess

      Okay, visit . Are you happy now???