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china had lots of imperialist leaders before communism

what dessalines said about the power dynamic is important, people should be able to insult and target those keeping them down

i keep wondering- is ml for mainland, marxism-leninism, or something else?

its good i browse it. bump. checkout windbornfilms

wow i already keep bees and smoke wedd how convenient

Still advisable to use a VPN I imagine

Potentially based vegan hackers Wonder if it was the same folks who shut off the gas pipe

Awesome sub I will be telling people who put corporate news links in latestagecapitalism and places like that to redirect to here from now on

I think the links aggregated on Lemmy should reflect the leftist values it seems to hold by being open source and decentralized

this channel also seems to have a lot of wierd reactionary shit that i am not endorsing by posting the link. the subtitle of the book made me think “oh well the system was designed for imperialism and other evil shit, its not being corrupted, its functioning as intentioned” but the author addressed that and seems to condemn capitalism and american foreign policy all the way from their beginnings

Explains how capitalists maintain power thru systemic violence

reasonably good take from the people aho brought you Helcome County Municipal Lake Dredge Appraisal

are pay to win or ad revenue games allowed?

i found this content by @uglyhack@diode.zone

this is vorgle btw sorry lemmur made me do it

mobile app
how far along is the fdroid version? it keeps crashing for me

wrong place 2 post?

ETA on clickable links?
i understand the app is a work in progress but this would be a nice feature to have working. also, to whom should i complain / report bugs / make suggestions in the future?