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why can’t we rely on democracy? do you mean electoral politics? seems to me like democracy would be an essential principle for decision-making within these communities

how do we feel about chomsky? ive seen him called a left anticommunist with goerge orwell

protonvpn is dope but held my email account w them ransom and wont unlock it

the US isnt a democracy elections are decided by superPACs and 43 presidents have had european royal anscestry. its the exact same power structure, rich landowning fucks at the top. they literally dictate everything, as an oligarchy

works and easy

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mobile app

how far along is the fdroid version? it keeps crashing for me…


i had a flip phone w kaiOS , the biggest benefit for me was not being able to get on instagram. it felt just as bugged as any other ive had. also chris weres video on the nokia feature phones shuts them down pretty hard - not the model you linked too, but i imagine similar design philosophies

haha i can totally hear someone saying it both ways

ay is kinda a dipthong i think, eh to ee

conspiracy theory and anticapitalism interlocking of course elites would conspire the borjwazee has class consciousness

i asked timothy leary, but he couldnt help me either

same system that brought you “the invisible hand”


wrong place 2 post? …


ETA on clickable links?

i understand the app is a work in progress but this would be a nice feature to have working. also, to whom should i complain / report bugs / make suggestions in the future? …