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@techbolttoChessMate in 1

d7 -> d8 and change pawn to queen.

Much like everyone else has said switch to bitwarden. I did that two years back and its fantastic. It also has an import tool to get all your data migrated from lastpass so it will be fairly simple move to be honest.

Abstract Magnesium (Mg2+) is an essential mineral for human health and plays an important role in the regulation of glucose homeostasis and insulin actions. Despite the widespread clinical evidences for the association of Mg2+ deficiency (MgD) and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2D), molecular mechanisms…

Nightscout - Helpful cloud setup for your CGM data

Nightscout (also known as “CGM in the Cloud”) is an open-source cloud application used by people with diabetes to visualize, store and share the data from their Continuous Glucose Monitoring sensors in real-time. Once setup, Nightscout acts as a central repository of blood glucose and insulin dosing…

Came across this site and figured people might find it useful on this forum…

Yeah that will be good to read in an otherwise depressing world.

Nice one… thanks for sharing :)

I think you are actually on to something here. If the “much more frightening dangers” could be articulated and some examples could be added it will make for a very persuasive argument indeed. The “I don’t mind targeted ads” is the most common push back along with people not getting how their metadata being collected could be used to scam them and the fact that no one likes to think they will be gullible enough to become victim of a scam.

I feel like that many a times. Lot of comments below are helpful and have worked for me.

I don’t know about this being missed opportunity… Getting my 18 friends over to Signal has been an uphill battle…Am talking grown ass middle aged men of diverse ethnic mix here… It sure as hell would not have happened if I asked them to move to anything else and trust me I know this because I have tried this ever since whatsapp was acquired by FB. But it was only now I could make it happen… So not a missed opportunity in my world eh!!

Signal is great for those who are privacy conscious and mediocre for those security conscious. For majority of users though security isn’t as big a concern (we aren’t planning a revolution or resistance) as privacy is and on that basis alone move to signal is a win for good guys in my book.

Thats not right actually. Signal does not have any such restriction on chatting with international users. I have contacts far and wide in different continents and can chat with every one of them so long as they are on Signal too. If they aren’t then it sends normal SMS which will cost money ofcourse but thats a feature not a bug.

Don’t get me wrong, I use whatsapp, telegram, signal, conversations (XMPP), Delta chat and Element (matrix) and with no bias as each platform has its own strength.

Which do I prefer - perhaps Delta chat is the one I like the most for its simple premise and least barrier to entry but people are stuck in their ways so i decide accordingly which profile i use on which platform to minimise my risk of exposure.

In terms of the community you have created, i may skip it not becquse I dont like the idea but because i dont have a profile compatibility between this one and one on telegram - i can’t be certain but that could be a case for quite a few users here.

  1. Tiddlywiki - I use it everyday and it is the most useful tool at a personal level.
  2. Invoiceninja- aver well rounded solution and a very responsive team
  3. Plantuml - another tool I use fairly regularly and it saves tons if time.
  4. Nextcloud - am sure this needs nointroduction :)

Nice share… though p2p.chat is now not maintained and the github repo recommends using jitsi instead.