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I’ve been using it on and off. It’s very good. I really hope they add more secure tracking protection and a hideable sidebar.

Indie rock/indie folk song suggestions?

Hey there! I’m looking for good song suggestions by female indie folk/indie rock artists about songs about the environment, nature, etc. Preferably about climate change, saving the planet, topics like that. …

I say start your own compost. Most stuff that gets recycled, I think 75% gets rejected, so start small with your compost. Add egg shells, banana peels, apple cores, newspapers to start. And grass clippings. Grass clippings will fill it up quick though.

I liked the cryptorewards feature, but also got bored/lost interest as well. I do like the privacy features built-in, as opposed to using an add-on.

I’m a big fan of firefox, but not an avid user. I’m currently using Librewolf. I would choose Firefox over Brave in a heartbeat.

Browsers like Brave?

Hi. I’m curious if there are any other browsers out there doing what Brave is doing, with the whole cryptorewards, and privacy enhancements? …

Lots of breadtubers from /r/breadtube have started using Odysee. Also, what’s the name of your channel? I’ll follow you.

I liked Dat. They had lots of programs and software on there. I might be thinking of Block browser or whatever the name is.

Mine gets full almost all the time. I put all my grass clippings, sidewalk dirt, in there. I might need a bigger bin lol.

Composting and being more green

Hi! I’ve gotten into composting a lot more, and I try to do my best to compost everything that is compostable (Napkins, qtips, coffee grounds, etc) I even have a plastic bag I put all my compostables in, so I can put them in my bin when the bag is full. I even asked my coffee shop for their coffee g…

I was a HUGE fan of opera, before it was traded hands, and I do use Vivaldi on occasion. I really liked Opera’s battery saving option, and bookmarks manager. It was unique. Vivaldi also has a unique bookmark manager. I really hope Vivaldi includes a battery-saver in an upcoming release. It’d be great if they upped the ante for tracking protection also. I’m glad they are against FLOC.

Looks awesome! Kinda reminds me of Min browser. Will there be a windows version?

Wim Hof Method

Hey Lemmy! I am curious if anyone here has tried the Wim Hof Method out. What was your experience like, did you notice any changes, positive or negative? …

What about browser(s) that use the HOSTS file to block ads? The Classic browser does this, and has some nifty features baked in.

Best eco/environmentally friendly web browser?

Hi. I wasn’t sure where to post this, hopefully this is the right area. In lemmy’s opinion, what’s the best eco/environmentally friendly web browser? Basically low on resources, saves battery, etc. Private and secure is a bonus…

They are pretty toxic, it seems. I was told to “go back to firefox, they are wokies like you”. And a couple other comments from brave’s fan base.

I made a post on r/browsers over on reddit and someone said to go back to firefox, they are wokies like me. Plus a couple other comments as well.

Please boycott Brave

Didn’t know where to post this, so hopefully this is the right spot. Please boycott Brave. I’ve recently learned that not only is their CEO bad, but their fanbase is toxic, too. I will no longer be using Brave for that reason. …


No seeds for torrent

Hi. I’m downloading a torrent using BiglyBT, and it says I have no seeds for my torrent. Is there a way to find more seeds for my torrent? I was using i2p to download, but my download kept getting stalled, so I decided to switch over to BiglyBT. …


There were leaks of users that used Tor. Their DNS was leaked along with their searches when using Tor in Brave. It’s since been fixed, though.

I called out a fearmongering and hatespeech article on ruqqus and got -6 votes, so it’s not that bad lol.

I read on brave’s website they are using ex-Cliqz developers to develop their own brave search engine. Cause Cliqz was privacy-oriented…Their privacy practices weren’t good from what I recall.

I’ve heard of that Tor push thing. It’s cool that Firefox is first to implement it. Honestly, once Vivaldi gets better with battery life I’ll probably switch to Vivaldi.

Icecat is good. I’ve been using Librewolf intermittently. The one browser, imo, at least, that could potentially rival brave, is the Classic browser. It’s cache-less, uses the hosts file to block all ads, and it has pretty nifty tools for blocking scripts.

Brave browser: Is it worth it?

Hi. Not sure where to post this, hopefully it fits here. If you haven’t heard of Brave browser by now, it’s made by the ex-CEO of Mozilla, and is prided on being private, and integrates crypto/bitcoin. …

So, I deleted my Ruqqus account, and where it says “Tell us your reason for leaving” I told them there was too much racism, homophobia, anti-semitism. Not sure it’ll do a darn thing, but it’s a start?

It’s one of the reasons I joined Lemmy, because of threads like Socialism, Anarchism, all the decentralized threads, etc. It’s nice there’s alternatives like Raddle and Lemmy.

Ruqqus, Aether, etc

Hi. I posted a similar, lengthier post on raddle.me on this very topic. I’ve been a reddit user for a while, and I’m not leaving reddit, I love the site. I decided to journey onto other alternatives, just to see what’s out there. Ooh boy! …