Ruqqus, Aether, etc

Hi. I posted a similar, lengthier post on on this very topic. I’ve been a reddit user for a while, and I’m not leaving reddit, I love the site. I decided to journey onto other alternatives, just to see what’s out there. Ooh boy!

My first alternative to reddit I tried was I noticed it’s much more unmoderated, and saw some words I wish I could unsee. Everyone has a right to say whatever they want, I’m not saying they can’t.

Second alternative I tried was Ruqqus. I’m still a member, but for how long, who knows? If you’ve heard of Voat, you’ll understand why I won’t be staying on Ruqqus for long. I saw a lot of white power/white supremacist advocacy, anti-semitic, racism, and homophobic threads, etc. They use the N-word a lot. Like, a lot.

Last alternative I tried was Aether. I used it in the past, and it wasn’t at all toxic or bad. Recently, it’s gotten worse. Much, much worse. They have an NSFW section, and same thing as Ruqqus. Lots of homophobia and racism.

I just felt I needed to air my grievances. Thanks for reading.


I think lemmy might be the best alternative to reddit right now, lemmy doesn’t have many niche communities though :|


We’ll get there :)


Funny… I just joined lemmy and noticed all the communities are hard leftist usual stuff. Still wish it succeeds, anything other than the usual facebook/twitter duopoly is an upgrade.


Wow. I just looked at ruqqus. As soon as I saw “without censorship” in the title I knew what I was in for. The first four communities on the feed were for white supremacy, a Nazi comic strip, “shit leftists say”, and one simply titled with the n word.

Long live the slur filter.


So, I deleted my Ruqqus account, and where it says “Tell us your reason for leaving” I told them there was too much racism, homophobia, anti-semitism. Not sure it’ll do a darn thing, but it’s a start?


I tried some of the alternatives you mentioned, and I understand your feelings.

Lemmy is, so far, quite the opposite of Ruqqus. You’ll finds more memes from the left and posts about technology, open source projects, etc.

Stay a while and, if you don’t like it, you can always create your own instance and tune it as you please.

And welcome!


It’s one of the reasons I joined Lemmy, because of threads like Socialism, Anarchism, all the decentralized threads, etc. It’s nice there’s alternatives like Raddle and Lemmy.


what is raddle ?


Thanks for joining. We’re fairly unique among the reddit alternatives for being very strict about not allowing bigotry here (unlike a lot of others, where that’s pretty much their raison d’ etre). and tilde are also great examples, but they aren’t federated like lemmy. Anyways glad to have you!


I used aether for a little bit, I liked how it was decentralized but I lost my private keys and I am now forever locked out of my account. Which isn’t that much of a big deal as all posts are deleted (or at least no longer propagate) after 6 months.

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