No seeds for torrent

Hi. I’m downloading a torrent using BiglyBT, and it says I have no seeds for my torrent. Is there a way to find more seeds for my torrent? I was using i2p to download, but my download kept getting stalled, so I decided to switch over to BiglyBT.

first of all BiglyBT is a Bittorrent protocol whereas I2P is its own protocol. You could try and find another torrent or wait until there’s some seeder, which usually happens after some time.


You can search for people who’d be likely to seed in forums where they are likely to be. Not sure about the present times, but earlier, demonoid used to be a big forum of this kind.


You can try searching for a different torrent. many torrents exist for same content. find a reputable source and search there. I recommend going to 1337x (dot to) and rarbg (dot to).

you can usually see the amount of seeds listed there. use the one with high seed count with reasonable size.

if it’s a movie/TV series, get it’s IMDb no and search that on rarbg. eg, if it’s IMDb page is then search for tt128493 on rarbg.

Don’t forget to seed torrents that you used!

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