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you should use a VPN if you’re concerned about privacy.

Bittorrent is not private at all. it’ll show your IP and the stuff you’re downloading to everyone.

Plugins will probably use some kind of special page designed for programs, not humans (called api). it will be separate from your regular browser.

there’s /Dev/disk-by/

look into that directory

Yeah a vps is the best way possible.

given the plethora of git hosting services, I was surprised to not find a way to use custom domains.

Anyway I’ll probably use a vps.

I’m behind NAT so even ssh won’t work. I’m searching for a solution such as Github, Gitlab, Codeberg pages where it’ll host and I just have to configure DNS record.

The pages features work for websites but I don’t think it’ll work for git.

I could use tor but then people won’t be able to do git clone git.example.com

Git server with custom domain
How can you have a git server (not website) use with custom domain? Say I have example.com and want to link git.example.com to a git server. This is so I can use git.example.com and not worry about moving hosts and reconfiguring origin. Is it possible? I cannot self-host because I am behind NAT and don't have ipv6.

aside from what’s already said, do you use programs like ls,grep,sed,cat,etc? all of those are part of coreutils and unless you’re using alpine or android, all Linux distros use GNU’s version.

I’m sure you’ve heard about bash, emacs and gpg.

When compilers used to cost hundreds of dollars, GCC was released entirely for free.

The G in GNOME, the G in GIMP and the G in GTK are all the same and stand for GNU.

Do you think having full control over software you buy is a necessity? guess who popularized this idea.

if you want to see how much stuff depends on GNU’s utilities, just remove a single package called glibc and use your computer.

You can find a list of software associated with GNU here:


I use dl-a for download audio (usually music) and dl-a-clipboard for download from clipboard.

alias dl-a=“youtube-dl -x --prefer-free-formats --add-metadata -o ‘~/music/%(stuff)’” alias dl-a-clipboard=“dl-a $(xclip --…)”

Also you can use MPV for viewing any of those videos without a web browser and all your default configs.

Husky is for pleroma. Pleroma is a lot better than mastodon. it’s just not well marketed.

Sadly no, the only one I found to be close enough (in ui as libera reader has more features) is this:

Librera Reader (Book and PDF reader) - https://f-droid.org/packages/com.foobnix.pro.pdf.reader

(accidentally posted so it continues here)

Episodes from f-droid. It’s kinda ugly but it works. It also shows which shows have specials and new seasons. Some people just use MAL and that’s fine too.

If you use MPV, pressing Shift+q, it saves current position and reopens it later automatically.

I just open an entire folder with MPV ($ mpv ~/media/[Judas]Bleach/).

For tracking which shows I’ve seen I use Episodes

They won’t give you your own ipv4 address unless you’re registered as a business. Try asking for ipv6 address.

You can try searching for a different torrent. many torrents exist for same content. find a reputable source and search there. I recommend going to 1337x (dot to) and rarbg (dot to).

you can usually see the amount of seeds listed there. use the one with high seed count with reasonable size.

if it’s a movie/TV series, get it’s IMDb no and search that on rarbg. eg, if it’s IMDb page is imdb.com/tt128493 then search for tt128493 on rarbg.

Don’t forget to seed torrents that you used!

Use librewolf. it’s preconfigured Firefox. it also stops most telemetry that Mozilla does.

avoid tpb. use something like 1337x and rarbg. Awesome-piracy is a list of websites considered good for piracy. it’s on github and written by mod of r/piracy(reddit)

Both internal and external should be 443. create another one with both port 80.

In your router’s setup page, what is your external IP address? is it something like 10.xx.xx.xx?

Then run caddy and try to connect example.duckdns.org

Did you setup duckdns through your router? can you go to it’s settings and see it is pointing to the right one?