Git server with custom domain

How can you have a git server (not website) use with custom domain?

Say I have and want to link to a git server. This is so I can use and not worry about moving hosts and reconfiguring origin.

Is it possible? I cannot self-host because I am behind NAT and don’t have ipv6.


Git works with SSH. If you can use that, you can point the domain to your current IP and connect with SSH. But I guess if your ISP blocks all ports, you need some sort of VPN tunnel.


I’m behind NAT so even ssh won’t work. I’m searching for a solution such as Github, Gitlab, Codeberg pages where it’ll host and I just have to configure DNS record.

The pages features work for websites but I don’t think it’ll work for git.

I could use tor but then people won’t be able to do git clone


Just buy a VPS instance for $5/month or something, you can then stick gitlab/gitea/whatever you want on that and not have to deal with Tor/NATs.


Yeah a vps is the best way possible.

given the plethora of git hosting services, I was surprised to not find a way to use custom domains.

Anyway I’ll probably use a vps.

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