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That “rotating contact device” is called a commuator, and is a feature of DC motors. AC induction motors typically don’t have them, although some “universal” motors do. AC induction motors are ubiquitous in industry and used in many electric vehicles. Siemens offers a range of induction motors for EVs of various sizes. Nothing in this article indicates that the company has developed anything new. It seems like it is probably just a promotion to attract investment.

Libre Software projects have orgs like Software Conservancy to defend their licenses. I dont know of any such org for CC licenses but if such a thing exists it might be useful to you

If you can get your contax to use xmpp my hat is off to you… i have tried and failed

Oops i probly shoulda read this before posting…

Does kvm/qemu support gpu passthrough?

Dual booting is for oldfolk

Recently i hear that, using virtualbox + nvidia, you can do gpu pass-thru which should yield good gaming performance on reasonably modern hardware with hyper-v or similar

Just to clarify: we should report spam posts by making posts about them?

Clearly there are many things you fail to realise

If a society does not take care of everyone, it has no reason to exist from the perspective of those left behind.

Investing in public stonk meerkats for survival is bad for survival. Individual stocks are a bad risk or a small return. Index funds are an ok risk but return is negligible unless you have a very large capitalization… even then, a fund can lose all the money in a bad crash due to poor management.

Investing in capital markets makes you a capitalist. You are literally supporting capitalism when you do that, no matter what rhetoric you may deploy to justify it.

Better for socialists to invest in means of production, organize a society (union, club, guild, gang, wuteva ) and build a socialism to provide for retirement. Get some land, batteries, solar panels and a container or two, start a compost, make a space that works for you and your loved ones.

If anyone asks just tell em youre an entrepreneur working from home for a startup doing crypto… they should lose interest before you finish the sentence, and then you can get back to bein gay and doin crimes like god intended.

Also, retain a lawyer.

Get all that squared away and then play the market, if you feel like throwing money away. Or just give me the money, i will use it as described above. Im on liberapay, same name similar game no blame

Self sufficient rural farming or mining communities are not really a thing any more. They are dependent on manufactures from outside like tools, fuel and other equipment. Rural folk in my country like to pretend self-sufficiency but they drive trucks made elsewhere on roads built by non-local labor and paid for by municipal or state funds to buy things made in other countries at stores in other towns. When people are honest about the inputs to processes on which they depend, they are more open to cooperation.

The laws are there- this company is clearly engaged in criminal negligence and extortion. It’s enforcement that needs to “catch up”. For that to happen, some adjustment of enforcement agencied is necessary. Some lawsuits and court orders might help with this process. This company deserves to notexist. No one should buy anything from them unless to have standing to sue them.

Social games, that is, sets of rules, are studied under many different disciplines. Things have been tried. Experiments have occurred, papers written. We know some stuff about how different kinds of rulesets work. Sorry if you dont like the fact that others have studied and tested things, but that does not mean you get to deny their knowledge.

Debian Games Team provides a variety of metapackages so that you need not maintain such a list yourself. For example, ‘apt install games-finest’ will install about 100 of the games they consider best. Other metapackages cover topics or types of game, like ‘games-strategy’ or ‘games-card’. More details are at https://blends.debian.org/games/tasks/packagelist.sv.html - if you do feel the need to curate your own list, consider making a metapackage of it and sending it to them. Or they might be willing to make a package from your list and place it in the archive. If I have time, I will try to help also. good luck & happy game times yall

Matrix is a protocol, like xmpp or irc, not a platform like slack or telegram.

either you trust the crypto or you dont- crypted messages propagate to unintended recipients in many other contexts, what matters is who has the keys.

Petroleum vehicles are here for probably at least another decade, and combustion tech will remain relevant long after the last oil burners go out of service. Fuel burning piston engines are loud and dramatic in operation, and there is a lot of specialized skill involved in their use and maintenance. I think all kinds of technical people twnd to romanticize their fields and auto mechanix and enginerds are no different. Meanwhile, electric motors are inxreasingly ubiquitous and low key. Sure they can do burnouts, but where are the roars, the pops, and the flames? That’s where the romance is, for some. Me, i like ebikes, and for drama i like videogames.

@levitytoMemesI hate cars

Cars are cops

How large a scale is desired? Bigger than Freecycle, or the Buy Nothing folk?