apt-get install [...] for the curious

A friend today suggested that a command like the below was a good way to sample Linux games, but also that it was one they had saved awhile ago before leaving for vacation, and so it might be out of date:

sudo apt-get install abe ace-of-penguins airstrike alex4 aisleriot antigravitaattori armagetronad asc asciijump atanks astromenace asylum ballerburg ballz bambam barrage bastet beneath-a-steel-sky berusky2 between billard-gl biniax2 black-box blobby blockattack blockout2 blocks-of-the-undead bomber bomberclone boswars bouncy brainparty briquolo brutalchess bsdgames btanks bumprace burgerspace bzflag cavezofphear ceferino chromium-bsu circuslinux colobot colorcode crimson cuyo cultivation csmash d1x-rebirth d2x-rebirth dizzy drascula eboard efp einstein enigma etoys etw frozen-bubble funguloids funnyboat gamine gav gbrainy gcompris

To me, farthest from expert, that list seems like a decent representation of Linux games today, but perhaps this community has suggestions on how to amend or otherwise improve it.

Edit: remove balder2d, bubbros, childsplay, defendguin as those were producing errors.


Debian Games Team provides a variety of metapackages so that you need not maintain such a list yourself. For example, ‘apt install games-finest’ will install about 100 of the games they consider best. Other metapackages cover topics or types of game, like ‘games-strategy’ or ‘games-card’. More details are at https://blends.debian.org/games/tasks/packagelist.sv.html - if you do feel the need to curate your own list, consider making a metapackage of it and sending it to them. Or they might be willing to make a package from your list and place it in the archive. If I have time, I will try to help also. good luck & happy game times yall


I’ve not heard of lots of those games.

I’d add:

  • 0ad
  • minetest
  • supertuxkart

I think the dx1/dx2-rebirth ones are only game engines and need the original Descent1/2 data to work.

But anyways, these are maybe some decent open-source games (by the rather strict Debian definition), but certainly not a good way to “sample” Linux gaming in general.

Gaming on the GNU/Linux operating system.

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