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A distributed, anonymous and uncensorable network like ZeroNet or Freenet with a distributed market, like OpenBazaar, built on top of it.

Says it’s not available…for now, I would trust the Signal code more, more eyes on them

I like those too, still mostly centralized at the moment though…and no one I know uses them

I agree with @testman@lemmy.ml , that you’re likely to have a lot of bots and fake profiles … and it’s likely to turn into a platform for soliciting prostitution.

However, I think bots and fake profiles can be dealt with in various ways. First, captchas, second, a very easy way to signal that the profile is fake or a bot — like three buttons: like, not like and bot.

Another way to increase moderation is to allow some extra privileges (for a limited time) in exchange for moderation services. Extra privileges might be: extra “super likes,” increased range, being “featured,” ability to send a message without first liking, ability to hide location, etc.

Moderation would basically involve looking at a profile and determining whether it was appropriate or not (clearly these would mostly be profiles that had already been flagged … but perhaps not enough to warrant removal yet). This might be just looking at the profile and determining whether and what kind of inappropriate profile it is. This might be an anonymous chat between the suspect profile and the moderator. This might be asking the user to assume a certain pose, allowing them to block their face with a T shape and then having the moderator determine if they assumed the correct pose.


Some of us could maybe offer a book to read that might help in the long run, but right now you really need to talk to someone who can provide better, quicker, more personal help than we or a book can. If you’re in the States, call the number @trevor@lemmy.ml mentioned, if not, we can try to help you find a similar number for your country.

You should list messengers, maps (I assume OsmAnd+) how you access Google Play Store … since neither WhatsApp nor Signal are on F-Droid … Telegram is though.

Also, so you use something like Samsung Secure Folder for the work profile, to sandbox certain apps, files, etc.?

It’s hard to believe people don’t consider how an app or site looks in grayscale these days.

Signal is the easiest alternative to WhatsApp for now. But we need to be moving to something like Jami.

Oh, I know, I don’t particularly like it, and browsers don’t let go of the memory, but that’s what I do.

Leave the tab open. Sometimes I’ll write it on cryptpad if I need to share it between computers

The only landlord which obtained its land by force and obtains its rents by threats of violence is the state.

Political theatre. He literally asked for people to peacefully protest…if that’s incitement…

The best immigration policy? The best policy for entering an area is whatever the legitimate property owners decide.