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Awesome, that really helps me. Thanks!

great move! hope you can manage that without any problems :D

Aren’t you talking about Open Source? the Free Software movement has many beliefs, a few of them are in this community’s description

good call! I’ll look into this, I’m starting an elixir project and there’s no updated for captchas except reCaptcha support, I’ll see if I can find a secure way to handle this.

great! I’ve started to put more effort into cooking, very therapeutic

I’m really getting into elixir this past months, probably my favorite language atm. Even though it’s not the ‘purest’ functional langauge out there, there’s a bunch of great documentation! Not mentioning some incredible built-in tools, such as rpc and gen-servers (a small thread for state control, the Erlang VM can hold up to 2 million of those, insane stuff).

that’s a fair point. Just what I was wondering, thanks!

yeah, that makes sense, could be

even though it’s a cliche, I’d suggest you to start with javascript, it can be used for a bunch of things, from there you can decide if you like what you’re doing, or you prefer low-level stuff.

Email requirement

Is leaving the email as a required field for registration against FOSS philosophy by any means? even if it won’t be used for anything other than user verification/notifications if agreed by the user?..

yeah, Brazil in a nutshell, this is Rio de Janeiro btw. this represents perfectly how the income distribution works here, even worse, probably 90% of the residents of that building on the left are cartel owners


that’s awesome!

does anybody here have the source code?

never faced that, but you can test/learn the framework as a rest API/socket server

that’s very sad. Here in Brazil we still have free HCS, one of the great legacies left by the former leftist government. unfortunately our current government is trying to destroy almost everything they left for the people, i wouldn’t be surprised if, in a couple of years, we don’t have that anymore.


Does anyone here have experience with elixir? more specifically Phoenix Live View, I’m starting to get into it and everything looks great, although small the community seems great, phoenix can be easily scalable and maintainable. …

has anyone here heard them before?..


good plan, hope it goes smoothly

started with C in college. barely use it nowadays. I use Golang and JS at work. Currently studying elixir, and FP concepts in general, really enjoying it. What about you?

yeah, I was wondering if AP makes sense for chatting. Maybe an AP superset may work. thanks for the info

that was what I was looking for, thanks :D