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Imagine, for example, an open-source software license that ensured that when used by a company, the highest paid employee of that company could not earn more than 100x the lowest paid employee, or a license that ensured that half of the profits produced by the software were distributed evenly among the employees of that company. Imagine a license which dictated that profits gained from the software had to reflect price reductions for consumers

So some kind of socialism. No thanks.

This is much simpler: as users, we should be able to own the software we have (whether we bought it or not). This is non-negotiable. When you buy a car or a washing machine, you can take the whole thing apart and fix it if you want to. Software should be no different, and therefore, the intruder here is proprietary software, a privilege, a concession that is given to all of us but completely undermines the market. That is the root problem.

The UBI is a huge unnecessary expense in developed countries and an impossibility in developing countries. It is a terrible idea, especially if the aim is to have quality public services. In addition, it can discourage active job search and/or the inability to hire someone. On top of that, the market would simply adapt to this measure by raising prices.

To get out of poverty, stop drowning people in taxes, allow a wide contractual freedom and above all, eliminate the privileges of some oligopolies by completely withdrawing patents (like closed source software) and eliminating millionaire subsidies. In this way, the playing field is balanced by introducing more competition and allowing wages to rise where they need to rise.

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Hence, avoid the link is mandatory.

As the question is posed, generally no, it is not. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a small store or a multinational supermarket. Stealing is stealing. In the developed countries of the first world there are usually food collection points, as well as soup kitchens. In any other case, it would be if the objective is pure survival.

I stopped reading on “capitalist”. If you see the words “capitalist” or “communist” or something similar, close the tab, the content is rarely worth it

It is, actually. The reason:

Chat Control is a temporary measure (on paper, we’ll see how that actually shakes out)

Little by little, we’re loosing ground. Temporary often means permanent. They’ll go with bullshit like “the measure has been proven very effective, we decided to make it permanent for [insert here emotional reasons]” (this is for the media) and then show some biased data.

Linux is not an OS, it’s the kernel.


This is the same as asking “what’s the safest way to go out on the street?”. Who? Where? When? For how long?

CTRL+F, “linux”, 1 of 1 match. Tails and QubesOS are mentioned, but Linux as an OS recommendation is nowhere to be found.

I read the entire thing tho. It’s good, and I know it’s a security manual, but I’m concerned about some choices privacy wise (Google Chrome, Wickr, iMessage, Wire…).

My favourite one is Dolphin but I don’t think it can be called “the best”. Nemo would be my first option but since I’m using KDE Plasma, Dolphin is my choice for UI consistency.

It definitively opened my mind 👍🏼

If you have 5% of the worlds wealth, then you are morally responsible for 5% of the worlds misery, regardless of whether you are aware and even if you disapprove of the specific injustice

This is a fallacy. A rather obvious one.

If you have 5% of the world’s wealth, you are 5% responsible for all the wealth generated worldwide based on that percentage. In other words: if you don’t generate more than 5% of the world’s wealth, you are parasitizing the rest (probably for personal interests).

I didn’t read every comment but I didn’t see a single racist one. Probably because they aren’t. You’re wasting your time, and wasting everyone else’s. Advice: stop seeing racism everywhere.

On the other hand, it’s a shame that people don’t trust this open source initiative.

Awesome list.

Am I the only one who hates when someone links to a link that links to another link? People are so lazy.

Anyway, I mostly agree with the article. But this:

The ads look extremely similar to regular threads

This is how ads should look like. They don’t “break” the site, they don’t look like an intruder, they’re perfectly embeded within the web’s design.

KDE Plasma. Unless you’re a keyboard heavy user, there’s no reason not choosing it. It’s the overall winner hands down.

I disapprove what the IMF is saying and I hope it’ll never be a thing, but this is far from stupid. It’s actually genius.

Actually, people on the left (mostly socialists and communists) who advocate for free and open source software are extremely contradictory. Free software has no ideology but it is only possible in a capitalist and free market system. The individual shares his work but still owns it, so private ownership is a very important concept here. Moreover, the key word is freedom.

I don’t care who you are, for me everyone is welcome here.

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it - Claude-Adrien Helvétius