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Write something useful then :) I don’t know your life, but maybe writing a bot could be a good first step ?

Install Minecraft and Computercraft mod, learn Lua

A joke about accelerationism

One day, a man decided that he wanted to change the color of his house’s walls. They had been white for years, but turned to sad grey. He wanted them to turn red. …

I’m not saying they are not doing their jobs, or that they do it badly, I’m saying that the jobs requires them to destroy forests, contaminate areas of land for centuries, and sometimes take decisions that are contrary to good practice, for example the choice of the site at Bure.

I like the ideal of .app, but I didn’t read anything about the way they plan on managing shared libraries ( or not ? ), and how they plan to manage updates. On macOS and Linux, updates are managed via an “app store” or repository. How would that work ?

It leads me to my second question. They say that “Design is how it works, not how it looks”, but if you have no apps to make it work, what’s the good in having a new OS ?

Anyway, it’s nice to see some new projects with ambition ! Good luck to them

I don’t know where you saw that the ANDRA was dealing with all this in good manner. If you can translate, you should look at theses website :

Very interesting article, thanks !

Could you alborate on your first claim ?

France got a very good re-processing of nuclear wastes

Would it be ok for you if you considerer that the eggs they are talking about are vegan, because they are drawings ?

git-build.sh: a low-tech tool to keep your builds updated | staticadventures

Do you find it hard to keep updated all your git projects and rebuild everything when updates are available? Well it may be easy for a handful project, but what do you do when there’s a dozen of them? …

I don’t see a third party board being a rival to the RPI in all domains yet. I think it’s gonna be hard to beat the RPi regarding user support and HATs / hardware built for it. Altough, if the board happen to be 100% compatible, that could be nice, but then it’s just a RPI…

I feel like telegram has been putting it’s attention to user experience and making this nice, snappy and useful, more than making the app more secure or whatnot.

I feel like small things like the playlists, or channels and comments on the posts are things that are super useful, and are, over time, a ton of little arguments that win people over. Instead of having a “killer feature”, they have lots and lots of little nice things.

Amazing work ! Thanks a lot ! I’m very happy to be able to read lemmy without javascript.

I was also wondering if they are plans to be able to post comments / upvotes / etc from Mastodon accounts ( like Peertube <-> Mastodon federation ? )

«Paris n’oubliera jamais la manifestation du 14 juillet 1953. » Ce 15 juillet de la même ­année, l’Humanité consacre sa une au véritable crime d’État qui s’est déroulé la veille, place de la Nation, où six indépendantistes algériens du Mouvement pour le triomphe des libertés démocratiques (MTLD) et …

C’est quoi ce site ?

Selon son premier post ; " Bonjour à tous, Ce site est destiné à regrouper et à communautariser les Blancs de Lyon et de sa région. Nous avons décidé de ne pas laisser cette ville devenir un chaos interethnique et une poubelle à migrants."

Passez votre chemin. Je serait même d’avis de supprimer ce post, pour éviter de faire de la publicité à ce genre de site.