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cross-posted from: > Hello fellow readers and friends. I finished formatting the ebook for Paul Mattick Sr's book *Marx and Keynes: The Limits of the Mixed Economy*. I have below several links to the various formats on Mediafire and on the Marxists Internet Archive > * [EPUB]( > * [MOBI]( > * [MIA ebooks holding all above versions]( > * [Other PDF]( > > For other books on a similar subject also see []( and the [Marxists Internet Archive]( > > Image Description: > >A book cover featuring a black background. In pink text along the top is "Marx and Keynes: The Limits of the Mixed Economy" and along the bottom is "By Paul Mattick" and "Marxists Internet Archive". In the center are two black and white photos of John Maynard Keynes and Karl Marx arranged in such a way as to have them facing each other.

Any fiction books with an anarchist context?
There are countless games that simulate worlds and societies with hierarchical structures (you are a god, you are a military leader, you are a business owner, you are a football club manager, etc). Are there any games that explore player agency within an anarchic context? I’m not asking for examples with mere absence of visible hierarchy (e.g. OpenSuspect) but rather simulations of explicit anarchist dynamics and horizontal structures. I’m interested less in games that portray anarchy as an unstable state of social unrest (i.e. rioting), but rather as a stable state of being and living for human beings.

Soon, this little box will be my webserver to serve up Anarcho Book Club and all of it's content. talk about self-reliance

Just skimming through The Anarchist Library and I stumbled upon this essay that I had not seen before. A very interesting read.

Quakers have long been my favorite sect of Christianity, here's a nice little writeup about their anarchist sympathies.

What Anarchists Can Teach Us About Democracy
Interesting article......

I'll jist leave this here....

The Oggcast
Check out the latest episode on Petr Kropotkin's book *The Conquest of Bread* at the Anarcho Book Club! Tell me what you think.
The Oggcast

Revolutionary Ukraine
Posted this on Masto, but thought it deserved a spot over here too. Now I am twice as likely to remember the link for this article. 😃

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