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Neat. It’s nice to see more peertube instances popping up.


Thanks for the extra image description

I don’t think this is a very good comparison, to be honest. While both are targets of genocide, the modes of genocide are different. Uyghers are facing the islamophobia reminiscent of the early '00s and a cultural attack. Palestinians are enduring a settler colonial genocide and apartheid beyond what the Uyghers are facing. Equating them like you did, not to speak even of comparisons, is, as you said, extremely roughly put.

Striking passages:

“We never know when the next attack will be, what damage the settlers will cause, and whether they will kill somebody,” said Samir Sawalma, 65… …

I’m curious why people decided to downvote.

A treat for the Lenin fans among us.

It’s an open, comradely reply to Lenin’s “Left-Wing Communism.”

Ostensibly its aim is, because it purports to be aiming to a ‘communism’. However, its idea of full communism is utopian to the extent that they believe it will take centuries to reach.
Really, it’s just the state ideology of the USSR under Stalin, which wanted to call itself socialist/communist despite being state capitalist. It revises plenty of other stuff in Marxist theory as well, laying the groundwork for class collaborationist Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Dengism, and whatever the fuck neo-Dengism is.

I’d say that Lenin was the first to revise the typical marxist idea of communism though. In State & Rev he describes lower-phase communism as needing some kind of state apparatus to maintain it while communist society still suffered from some bourgeois ‘birthmarks’. This was something he’d added to the typical narrative, however. For Marx and Engels (as well as their friends and anarchist frenemies) communism was totally stateless, and the proletarian dictatorship was for them a state in the process of destroying itself as much as it was for destroying class society.

Some highlights:

Palestinian workers unions and political groups called for the protests near the Gaza City neighborhood of al-Zaitoun to commemorate the 52nd anniversary of the burning of the al-Aqsa mosque by an Australian Christian tourist, and to protest Israel’s ongoing siege of Gaza. …

A couple passages that I thought were striking:

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Australia’s 670,000 Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders have long suffered from poor health and still suffer from preventable diseases like trachoma that are found nowhere else in the developed wo…

Add these images next to me speaking in post production? No, I don’t think so. I’ll just stand on a ladder next to a power point’s projection shining directly into my eyes, thank you.

Interesting video though

Yeah the framing in this article is crazy. Appealing to climate concerns to prop up a ‘climate chauvinism’ is nauseating

This was cross-posted to /c/socialism and fared well (considering that it’s only marginally smaller than this community), but here in c/anarchism it receives 3 downvotes. This struck me as a strange thing to downvote. I wonder if anyone could maybe express why they decided to downvote it…

Includes the preface by Karl Kautsky …

I’ll interpret that as Marxism-Leninism I guess.

I agree with what poVoq said but I still have a question. What do you mean by communism? Are you meaning Marxism-Leninism? Actual communism is stateless, so it’d be described as an anarchy (unless you’re an individualist anarchist or something where a pizza party is the state).

No socialism has ruled in any country, to be clear. I’ll assume that you mean in terms of being ruled by Marxist-Leninist parties, in which case that’s only really half true. Leninism and Marxist-Leninism are distinct tendencies.

is a socialism*

I have only read Volume 1. I read it in college in a reading circle as part of an independent study.

A collection of non-Leninist Marxist texts including: …



She deserves better than UFO for that shit

New Terms

Image Description: Geordi la Forge dis/approve meme. Geordi disapproves of the terms “Lower-phase communism” and “higher-phase communism.” He approves of “Baby Communism” and “Big Kid Communism.”…


When I was younger I’d shoplift prolifically. I don’t shoplift anymore, mostly because I don’t want to risk arrest for something as stupid and superfluous as shoplifting.

That said, while I’ve worked in retail, I’ve let people get away with shoplifting. If it’s too obvious though and they’re shoplifting so obviously and poorly that if I felt that if I’d let them get away with it’d cost me my job, I’d have to do something.

In my opinion shoplifting is a trivial thing to worry about. A lot of people depend on shoplifting or other theft in order to sustain themselves, which means it’s a symptom of the broader issue of poverty wages and unemployment. If in a discussion someone were to bring up shoplifting somehow I’d bend the argument there or simply the easy twist towards the argument about originary accumulation and how property itself rests on theft.

Thanks for posting. L&W really fucked over marxists.org

I’m an anarchist and I pretty much agree. I think that it’s important to try to understand where your parents are coming from and why it is, exactly, they are attempting to forbid you from accessing a computer and what kind of behavior they think they’re trying to deter.

The lower, approved image is a frame from this video on Twitter (non-Twitter) …


Made this so I could read it on my phone. Here’s a Discord-hosted Direct Download for those who dislike using Mediafire. …

Maybe Peertube.Social follows Kolektiva.media?

Seems to me that their code of conduct fits with the beliefs of Peertube.Social. …

I made this EPUB with Sigil. Here’s a Discord-hosted direct download if you’d rather bypass mediafire. I’ve noticed that Mediafire isn’t really so bad, though. …