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Soon, this little box will be my webserver to serve up Anarcho Book Club and all of it’s content. …


Just skimming through The Anarchist Library and I stumbled upon this essay that I had not seen before. A very interesting read…

A friend of mine from India came over to the states and burned a copy of his AoE disc for me and told me I had to play it.

I played it until the disc went bad, then went out and bought 2 more discs. One for backup.

Then I found out about AoE2 and bought that.

Quakers have long been my favorite sect of Christianity, here’s a nice little writeup about their anarchist sympathies…

Revolutionary Ukraine

Posted this on Masto, but thought it deserved a spot over here too. …

Very true. I’ll admit, i haven’t watched LOTR in like 10 years. But i seem to remember that they had very little monarchical structure to their society.

I’ll jist leave this here…

So I started an Oggcast called Anarcho Book Club where I go through the works of anarchists 'round the world, regardless of what type of anarchist they are. …

Sure landlords are exploiters, but are you going to discard Friedrich Engels’ writings because he was bourgeoisie?

Kropotkin disregarded Engels and Marx very easily in The Conquest of Bread because of theor ridiculous support of state power.

The Oggcast

Check out the latest episode on Petr Kropotkin’s book The Conquest of Bread at the Anarcho Book Club! …