I already had a short look at this a while back (https://youtu.be/JzazgbL4u6U?t=1131), but I was asked to revisit it recently. And while this is clearly not for me (as you will see in my clumsy attempt to explain and use this distribution at the same time), I admire the thought that went into this. It's not just cool and nerdy – I think it's possible to really get into it and to be more productive while using less RAM. Links: Website: https://sr.ht/~mil/Sxmo/ User Guide: https://git.sr.ht/~mil/sxmo-docs/tree/master/USERGUIDE.md Images: http://images.lrdu.org/pinephone/ (this is sxmo_pinephone-sd.nightly-202011090018.img.xz) Please tell me below or via Twitter (@linmobblog), Mastodon (@linmob@fosstodon.org) or email (sxmo@linmob.net) what interests you with regard to the PinePhone and mobile Linux operating systems: Distributions? Use cases? Certain apps? I am really looking forward to your feedback!Also check out my blog (https://linmob.net) and the App List (https://linmobapps.frama.io)!

Suckless Pinephone

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