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That’s just not true. It is, some might say, ridiculously hard to do because these days there are so many i’s to dot and t’s to cross, but it’s not impossible. A friend hosts his domains’ email at home.

Is there a lemmy mode for emacs?
(Friendly mutton chop whiskers optional, of course.)

If you think they are just a CDN then you need to do some reading.

Finding a web host, avoiding Cloudflare
How the heck do I avoid Cloudflare when selecting a web host, please? I was considering getting a DigitalOcean “droplet” and running something in that, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be inside Cloudflare’s evil embrace. I asked in what I thought was an obvious place but was met by bewildered looks.

The privacy issues?

The fact that they defend hate speech? Terrorism?

That when they have an outage so does a good proportion of the www?

Finding a web host, avoiding Cloudflare
How the heck do I avoid Cloudflare when selecting a web host, please? I was considering getting a DigitalOcean "droplet" and running something in that, but I'm pretty sure they'll be inside Cloudflare's evil embrace.

I suppose executing recruitment agencies is out of the question?

Ban ATS’ (seriously, how could centralising all of everyone’s personal information ever go wrong?!)

Have competent people working in Personnel departments (and thank you, I am not a Human “Resource”, that’s just your slave master mentality shining through)

And, yeah, executing recruitment agents. Sorry, but it has to be done, for the future of humanity. (Or maybe it doesn’t? Are they actually able to interbreed with human beings?)

In other words they’re testing what the Zurich city public transport system has been doing for years (as well as trams taking power from overhead cables, some bus routes do too)?

1 TB is enough for anybody.

Controlling heating
I have a (non-automated) gas fired boiler supplying my heating. It comes on before I wake up so the house is nice and warm for me when I crawl out of bed. I also like the bedroom to be warm at night when I go to bed, so the radiator is on in the bedroom. What I don't like is waking up in a room that's too hot. So is there some way of controlling the TLV on my bedroom radiator, maybe turning it down overnight? I know I could just remember to turn it down when I go to bed, but the plain fact is that I don't.

In summary: ‘I like X. I do not like Y. Therefore X is the greatest and Y is rubbish.’

Okay then.

Allwinner open source? Yeah, we’ve seen that before

P = Penis, NP = No Penis?

I just can’t tell from the title. A summary would be nice so that people have information to go on to help them decide whether they’re interested in downloading and reading the PDF.

Even supposedly educated people don’t get it. My doctor wanted me to send him some health information by email a month ago. It’s a good job my blood pressure is under control or I might have exploded.

I don’t own one. I’d like to but I can’t think of a practical use for one (for me). The only possible use I came up with was printing a case for my Raspberry Pi and I decided that it was cheaper to buy a commercially available case for £10 than paying a few hundred for a 3d printer.

I would just like to say
To many software developers who happen to happen upon this, the community "!enoughvowshspam" could read as "not enoughvowshspam" because the exclamation mark is often used as negation. I am quite amused.

You don’t have to look hard at all - petrol was hard to get hold of and is approaching record high prices, random foodstuffs aren’t available, you can’t see a doctor for love nor money, Brexit (obviously), Covid (obviously), idiotic decisions taken by Tory govt. that seems to have no clue how to govern and no concern for the state of the country of its citizens (most obviously of all). But never mind, Princess Di was lovely wasn’t she.

“If you’ve got a blacklist I want to be on it.” (Billy Bragg)

Can't update package (Linux+apt)
``` Ign:10 syncthing InRelease Err:11 syncthing Release Certificate verification failed: The certificate is NOT trusted. The certificate chain uses expired certificate. Could not handshake: Error in the certificate verification. [IP: 443] ``` Anybody got any ideas?

Github hiding repo URLs
I hate github with a passion. I have a slightly different name for it that I won't use here because I'm a polite c**t. They've sunk to a new low now though, in not displaying the URLs for git repos. Not if I allow their (non-free) Javascript to run, and certainly not if I don't. Maybe I'm not using an "approved" browser. Well at least MS' reason for buying github are clear now - if people can't get at the code then open-source dies.

I was thinking that if the police or someone like that got involved then it would be better to have the entire unaltered thing available, so that rather than delete it from the db it should just not appear in the front end.

Might you not want to be able to preserve the offending post so that the poster can be brought to justice?

Why is Ubuntu packaging so shit?
Of course, that presupposes that you agree with me that it is shit. Okay, well, if you don't, you don't. Look. When I install a new system I do *not* want a screen reader. I do *not* want fonts for umpteen different languages that I didn't even know existed, let alone be able to read or write in them. Yes, all of those people that need those things should be able to install them, I don't disagree with that at all, but why the hell are they foisted on the rest of us, gobbling up disk space for zero reason? It gets worse. I'm not allowed to uninstall ubuntu-advantage-tools *despite not having Ubuntu Advantage*, because if I do so I'll find that I'd lose the ubuntu-minimal package, amongst other things, which is "used to help ensure proper upgrades" and you're warned you shouldn't unindstall it. Of course ubuntu-advantage-tools is just one thing, there are... let's just say "many" packages which you just couldn't live without (because if you tried to, a whole bunch of packages that you actually couldn't live without would be uninstalled as well. Like the GNU C pre-processor. Why? If I'm not doing C programming I don't want it. It's that simple. But great gobs of the system apparently rely on it. Or gcc. A running system relies on a fcking compiler. F. R. O.

Split Window
I know how to split windows (C-x 2 *or* C-x 3), and I know I can give a C-u number precursor to that to make the new window have that many lines, but is there (simple) way to "split window at current point", which... does what it suggests (splits the window at the line where the cursor is)? I can't find it, but it seems like a glaring omission if it's not something that's available. So glaring I might need to mark this post as NSFW so I can fill it with swearing.

K-9 Mail replacement?
I've been using K-9 for some years now. Today, some idiot (i.e. me) decided to update it through F-Droid. The new version is.... horrible. It feels like MS Lookout or some such sh...thing. Can anybody suggest a replacement that just does basic email and doesn't have some kind of "slick" UI? Thanks.

How to re-jig screens when I disconnect one
Setup: Ubuntu, Openbox, notebook, occasionally an external screen. I've set things up so that if an external monitor is attached when I start my notebook, a script (run by Openbox's autostart), xrandr makes that the primary monitor. What I'd like to do is run that script when I turn off or otherwise disconnect that external monitor, so that I can make the notebook's built-in screen the primary again. Does anyone here have any ideas how to do that automatically?