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How do I connect domain to Github pages?
I made many attempts to link my domain to my Github pages website, but I couldn't get it working. Can someone explain me how to do it? ty

Finding a web host, avoiding Cloudflare
How the heck do I avoid Cloudflare when selecting a web host, please? I was considering getting a DigitalOcean "droplet" and running something in that, but I'm pretty sure they'll be inside Cloudflare's evil embrace.

Which free webhosts would you recommend for someone just wanting to get into making a website?
I know that there are a lot of options out there, and some of it seems a little shady to me. I researched a little on the freenom webhost, who hosts the .ml domains, would that be a good option?

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Who's your favorite host and why?
Just curious what webhost everyone is using these days. At work we use AWS but it's expensive. For side projects I use DigitalOcean and sometimes Vultr VPS's.

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Come chat with us about modern website hosting technologies
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