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Grammarly FOSS alternative: https://languagetool.org/ Multilanguage (It recognizes which one are you using, that is very useful for me as I use 3 - Catalan, Castilian, and English -) and it is sponsored by the European Union

Opium was a great pain for China, and Chinese have more memory than other people

Of course, they are OASIS, you only have to save them as ODF or the OASIS kind of file, edit offline and update or sync with LibreOffice https://www.libreoffice.org/ and others compatible https://code.google.com/archive/p/ooo2gd/

As they export/import to/from MSO, you can even use MSO, but some features are not compatible

Also, Collabora Office for Android and IOS compatible devices works, https://www.collaboraoffice.com/

A instace of Mastodon whith your likes as FOSStodon if you like FOSS - not great for pick up FOSS girls as they still are a minority there - is good to know new people.

I do not think is WE, I think is the leaders, that take us as their market share and like to fight for it instead of embrace coopetition (cooperation and competition)

The cooperative, and union of cooperatives that even inside a capitalist world can be a movement to fight corporations, have been used by governing communist parties as a tool in sectors where planification and orders from far away do not work.

But in political parties people treat their side as a sport team.

What I do not understand is why COOPERATIVES, specially in places with unemployment, are not being promoted and subsidiced by politicians, specially leftist ones as a tool to improve employment, salaries, intake, in the long term and leftist vote.

Valencia (Spain) water is great for rices, but we say in Spanish that is very heavy - a lot of CaO - and we buy a lot of mineral water or you have de calcification and inverse osmosis machines at home as I have.

I would do it for ARM where the slower NT kernel is more noticeable. And with their video subsystem, not Xwindows, not wayland, with directx, something like Apple did with FreeBSD kernel.

And I will not call this new MS OS windows, just “MS mobile” or similar.

Having fast enough ARM tablets and phones, then, go for the Xbox portable similar to the nintendo switch format, but adding to it the capabilitie of being a pocket computer and a phone, as well, with WiFi6 or 5G play streamed and not only one device, cheap is good, make 3 tiers, minimum, medium, enthusiast. For gaming and SOHO + casual gaming markets.

Done that hybrids laptops, with some x86 models, and of course allowing desktop x86 to install it, having 2 OSs as they have now practically with the ARM one but with a convergence horizon.

Monty Python’s The meaning of life and Life of Brian very close for me.

Also, Azcona - Spanish scriptwriter - ones, as “La escopeta nacional” or “El pisito” plus Billy Wilder as Some like it hot, plus Chaplin, as The great dictator plus Lubitsch as To be or not to be plus Trueba as “La niña de tus ojos” plus Fesser as “El milagro ded P tinto” and Segura as Torrente (1) he had to write more when the character was not thought for a saga.

And sorry some I sure forget that made me laught.

Manjaro, Arch for human beings, 2 weeks delayed bleeding edge.


I would add UD Human Rights https://www.un.org/en/universal-declaration-human-rights/ and help COOPERATIVES vs CORPORATIONS.

Helping to form cooperatives and also prioritizing buying on cooperatives.

A movement as you want to fund needs economic goals, and forming cooperatives is a great way of doing that, more with the employment crisis after #COVID19 we are going to have.

UOS is already in Huawei servers and desktops for the Chinese market, and in ARM devices. LiGNUx is having some success with pinetime pinephone and pinetab devices, and UOS teams are working more than one year to provide a good phone OS for Huawei. USA bans to Huawei and China can help the UOS to arrive to IoT, tablets and phones, at least to one model, product or line. And as Samsung is already using Tizen / Linux in "wristphones" perhaps it is the best device to start with a full UOS - Huawei line. But what seems a logical route for future Huawei devices, at least a good part of them, is not generating any news, even if they were fake news.

I do not like ANTI words, I like pro words. COOPERATIVES and FREELANCES LICENSE, or something like that banning CORPORATIONS from that FOSS use in the fine print would be a better tittle.

Also, COOPERATIVES impulse would be a great way out of COVID19 unemployment crisis as profits are so high compared with salaries that any group of workers with a little help from banks and or the administration for the capital needed, would generate more jobs - being its goal - than any corporation with the goal to improve profits even cutting jobs.

You can have dual boot, or install MS WOS virtualized with PCI pass through adding any old GPU or messing a little with the bios.

Pop OS is as good as any other, I would suggest you to try also Deepin and Manjaro as both are very newbe oriented too.

Games that work, protondb, and winehq, work as well as in MS WOS.

But where you will find it awesome is in all the other things, having free software for almost anything you want to do without virus risk, and with better performance is the key factor to switch.

XMPP An Asterisk + Kamailio IP/PBX messaging multiplatform app with all the services available, adding e-mail, e-fax, using extensions as phone numbers alternatives over the internet, would be a great FOSS tool for computers tablets and phones.

I am writing my PhD thesis about the ignorance related to IP/PBX and software in general - it is used only because it is cheaper - and all the deep functions - and standard - that are not being used and would increase productivity if CEOs and other directors would know enough about tech or would be humble enough to ask for tech advice. An now they are, 20 years later, being offered as “new” apps when they would have them for free for years, and without being spied.

Asterisk + Kamailio, that are FOSS can provide all the phones - and computers, being multi device - in the world with a better messaging app and even an alternative phone number method, that would make pocket computers (actual smartphones) only need internet and become small tablets without the phone hardware - and better with future 5G flat internet rates -.

And add services as “click to call” and “click to video call” to web pages, also directories to act as yellow - business - and white - people - pages.

I suppose that a crowdfunding to make a FOSS service and pay the hosting and monetize with adds / cheap subscriptions the service as others do.

That is an idea that crossed my - rare - mind did not cross any other one in the world with more knowledge to make it possible.

I do not care about frequency, I do like to be updated, but Manjaro (and every liGnux distro) lets you work meanwhile, or if you prefer to wait it is MINUTES not HOURS as in MS WOS sometimes.

Sorry if you did not understand what I wrote.

Security. The only way of working from home with your own machine and SECURITY is liGNUx. Upgrades I switched in XP times because of virus, and did not have even a dual boot until MS WOS 10, and SECURITY improved, but upgrades are annoying, my i3 laptop needed hours one of the times, and its Manjaro can have even a 3 gb (full) update in minutes, I upgraded while working in my desktop with Manjaro, but what if it is your only system and you need to work that day?.

Probably a Chromebook / box (they need coreboot) with an AMD APU able to play offline games with Steam would be a best seller.

Transparency happened, because 2.000 USD in a business is not even a developer monthly salary. And if they must discuss for that it is a sign that money is not wasted in luxuries. I think that using internal affairs to attack any distro or business use is a nonsense.

Ventoy or MultiISO or YUMI

  • I will test Ventoy, that I did not know, thanks -

with Manjaro blackarch kali some ubuntu and deepin (future UOS)

I “dual booted” since the Slackware 5 CDs in the 90s but it was 2 consecutive virus infections installing legal XP, that made me switch.

I was on debian, ubuntu, mint, sabayon, chakra, but now I am with Manjaro plus Arco and Deepin as failsafes, and rarely need them.

I used btrfs, but gave me problems, EXT4 works but in summer I need XFS partitions for gaming or heavy HD use data or I have problems.

Deepin, future UOS, is the closest to MacOS you will find. But any DE can be configured a lot to match your needs. Lenovo is great in price / performance. System76 are good but expensive, slimbook, purism, and tuxedo are brands to watch before deciding and Dell have some liGnux love too.

Manjaro and others to test and fail safe.

Manjaro is out of that list, and it is the one what I am going to use with my pinetab once it will arrive. So please add it to the pool.

Hong Kong and Taiwan always were China

And China is well known over MILLENNIALS to be an earth of exquisite DIPLOMACY not annexing or invading as the USA or UK still do.

ZERO colonies in several thousands of years being the most advanced civilization, with gunpowder, paper rice citric fruits and pasta it would have been very easy to conquer all the world, and they didn’t, preferring commerce and the silk route.

And that is the problem for the barbaric UK and USA empire, gun power is not an arm against the oldest empire with more diplomacy knowledge and “savior fair” than any other ever was.

When these laptops, and AIO, and boxes will be on mega store shelves LIgNUX will grow a lot in the desktop computer consumer market. Chrome OS did and is a much more limited Linux based OS, now beginning to have some LIgNUX compatibility. Also in China, with the commercial war, UOS, and Fedora will have to show muscle with the competition out of the shelves to avoid being deleted and switched by pirated OSs.

Default configurations are not distros. It seems that Manjaro now support full confinement snaps. This requires apparmor.

AppArmor is maintained by Canonical, and present in all debian based distros, plus snap compliant ones.

Critical security patches are not delayed If 2 weeks delay is a security a risk you can choose the testing repository, but you cannot be at the same time a risk for being too bleeding edge and a risk for 2 weeks

Only arch based distros (or Manajro testing repo) would pass the always up to date barrier.

So no Ubuntu Debian Fedora or SUSE baed distribution would pass that bar

AppArmor is newer than SElinux and now is needed to use snaps

What is unacceptable is to trash talk a distribution, that is doing things so well that others hate it so much because of that with half trues and lies.

After Ubuntu is the one with more market share, and as Ubuntu has much more share than Debian, Manjaro has more market share than arch. Being both, Debian and Arch wonderful distros, but I do prefer Arch and Manjaro as I love AUR more than PPAs.

@MicalettoLinuxDaily Linux

Re visit Manjaro or articles about it. You can choose freeoffice - take that as an ad - I never had problems upgrading With debian based ones better reinstall than upgrade the version in my experience. You always can install Trisquel if you want pure FOSS, and unfortunately the others work better, and we choose them more.

Re visit Manjaro or articles about it. You can choose freeoffice - take that as an ad - I never had problems upgrading And with debian based ones better reinstall than upgrade the version in my experience. And you always can have Trisquel as pure FOSS.

That is not true, last edition ask you to choose, and you can install LibreOffice.

It is a non-mandatory advertisement if you want, being able to install non FOSS software or even put it as default as Steam is not being against FOSS.

And of course you always would have Trisquel and pure FSF distributions that do not allow even Nvidia blobs as Debian and derivatives do.

And being purist there are 2 options or Trisquel and similars or the other ones.

That is not true, last edition ask you to choose, and you can install LibreOffice.

It is a non-mandatory advertisement if you want, being able to install non FOSS software or even put it as default as Steam is not being against FOSS.

And of course you always would have Trisquel and pure FSF distributions that do not allow even Nvidia blobs as Debian and derivatives do.

And being purist there are 2 options or Trisquel and similars or the other ones.

I love Manjaro, it is arch for human beings.

I can use arch, but as I do like to “spread the word” Manjaro can be installed in non-techie friends & family computers.

But whatever you will use you will love it (comparing with your MS WOS experience GNU is heaven).

My recommendation is to have 2 or more distribution installed in the main computer (I use 100 Gb for each one sharing data partitions), one deb like LMDE linux Mint Debian Edition or UOS / Deepin and other with any Manjaro spin

Your second one may work as fail-safe, to make some tricky software work, to experiment Desktops Environments and Windows Managers, to change it to distro hop having the main one free of tests to work, and sometimes to switch to that distro that you think is better than yours.

But I am rare.

Hacen falta candidaturas de la IP en todas las CC AA españolas
Con ERC miembro de la IP esta queda representada en los países catalanes y supongo que en euskalherria por sus socios de EH BILDU allá. Pero no existiendo candidaturas de Izquierda Republicana, ni de izquierdas (El pacto PSOE-PODEMOS blinda al 10% más rico sus instrumentos de estafa fiscal SICAV y sedes en REFUGIOS* FISCALES) ni apenas republicanas, (mucho hecho por PSOE y por PODEMOS contra la república catalana y en general contra la república) *- HAVEN es refugio, HEAVEN paraiso, el primer traductor se confundió y el error persiste - Estaría bien a mi entender que empezasen a surgir colectivos de la IP ea la Institución Libre de Enseñanzan cada CC AA, mejor si en cada comarca para ofrecer a la ciudadanía una izquierda real que fomente la propiedad estatal o colectiva de los medios de producción, sin trucos, blindando la auto provisión pública con prioridad a cooperativas en las contrataciones en las administraciones que se gobiernen y legislen. Y además de proponiendo, haciendo, con el 129-2 de la CE "Los poderes públicos promoverán eficazmente las diversas formas de participación en la empresa y fomentarán, mediante una legislación adecuada, las sociedades cooperativas. También establecerán los medios que faciliten el acceso de los trabajadores a la propiedad de los medios de producción." desde donde se gobierne, o simplemente desde estructuras colectivas, con estatutos de las cooperativas y mutuas progresistas que obliguen a repartir el 50% de los beneficios entre los cooperantes o mutualistas, el 25% para prestar para ayudar a crear nuevas, y el resto según la especificidad a repartir entre personas trabajadoras si las hubiese, y reservas, o algo similar. Yo siempre he creído que serían las cooperativas, unidas, enfrentadas a las corporaciones la manera más efectiva de llegar al fin del capitalismo corporativista, más incluso que revoluciones que o nunca llegan o si llegan o pueden llegar una guerra como la nuestra te las echa décadas atrás. Y entre ellas banca como mutualidades o propiedad de las cooperativas - no es proporcionada la mano de obra y la plusvalía como para que sea una cooperativa - que destine solo una parte de los beneficios al reparto entre los empleados, otra a reservas y el 50% entre mutualistas o cooperativas fundadoras - Banca que como la de las corporaciones también se encargaría de la propaganda y contra propaganda al financiar y apoyar medios de comunicación, radios, televisiones, prensa, discográficas, series, películas, programas, productoras, del movimiento cooperativista y no del corporativista. Y ya si se hace renacer a la Institución Libre de Enseñanza como cooperativas de profesorado, (de progenitoras, o mixtas) progresistas concertadas compitiendo con las de la SICAR, con la intención de reemplazarla miel sobre hojuelas. Solo el que empezase a hacerse, y funcionase bien, por poca cuota de mercado que se tuviese, poco a poco como el PLICA* /FOSS ha hecho al final se vence o al menos se es muy relevante. * Programario LIbre y de Código Abierto Free Open Source Software Precisamente, y para acabar, un uso prioritario del https://fediverse.party/ y del PLICA /FOSS tanto en nuestro movimiento como en las AA PP donde se pueda gobernar o cogobernar debería ser a mi entender también un eje de la IP, y de los colectivos que hagan por la propiedad colectiva o pública y candidaturas que se presenten a elecciones en su nombre. Y no solo eso el fomento de la música libre, y en general de todo lo libre, siempre ha sido progresista y creo debe ser subrayado en este nuevo movimiento que espero recoja de verdad a personas que no defrauden ni a sus votantes ni a sus miembros.

PODEMOS pero NO QUEREMOS y SOCIALISTAS NEOLIBERALES No son la izquierda La propiedad estatal o colectiva en España en 2020 es menor que la que había con el fascista Franco y nadie propone aumentarla, siquiera recuperar la perdida. Pero ante la crisis fiscal del estado tampoco se propone subir sueldos, que incrementaría la recaudación. Y mucho menos rebajar la jornada laboral máxima a 4 días y 30 horas para que haya TRABAJO PARA TODAS, y además turismo interno que palíe el COVID-19, porque como todas las tertulias políticas de éxito al final las emiten las RTVs fascistas, no se equivocarán invitando progresistas, de los de verdad, ni para criticarlos. Mientras como buenos prestidigitadores en las radios televisiones, y prensa en general, incluso en las RR SS, critican los gestos y no los hechos atroces que han asesinado a muchas víctimas del #COVID19 que no tenían que haber muerto de no haberse robado la sanidad, las residencias, y las competencias para regalárselas a las empresas de los pocos de siempre con los partidos de siempre, y con incorporaciones que ni denuncian ni cambian estas atrocidades.