I’ve been gaming on linux exclusively for well over 5 years now. You will lose out on a few games when it comes to kernel-level anticheat, but for the most part things tend to “just work”, especially with proton.

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You can have dual boot, or install MS WOS virtualized with PCI pass through adding any old GPU or messing a little with the bios.

Pop OS is as good as any other, I would suggest you to try also Deepin and Manjaro as both are very newbe oriented too.

Games that work, protondb, and winehq, work as well as in MS WOS.

But where you will find it awesome is in all the other things, having free software for almost anything you want to do without virus risk, and with better performance is the key factor to switch.


You can also dual boot Windows and Linux, no need to get rid of Windows right away.


Yeah I think dual booting is a better if one games a lot.

By running Windows games on Linux, you are running close-sourced proprietary but with compatibility issues. Plus I don’t know if people adopting Linux out of spite with M$ will have a significant impact on market share of Windows.

Regardless I recommend installing a Linux distro anyway even as a dual boot. It’s good to have a non-spyware OS if you’ve got the luxury.


Hi, Linux gaming has come a long way. IMHO you should check

  1. are your games natively supported
  2. if not, could you play them via Proton? Check
  3. check your multiplayer games for crossplay (for some games e.g. Company of Heroes 2 the multiplayer is split between platforms)
  4. check performance comparisons for your favorite games

i dumped windows about a year back after confirming that gtav and fallout 4 worked on proton. i loaded them on a low spec laptop to test, and figured if they ran there they’d run on my nvidia 1070 laptop running pop_os. last night i installed and played fallout 76 for a bit. had to copy and paste a line to prevent character creation crash at the beginning, but so far so good. fallout 4 would constantly crash on windows, especially on certain menus. but on linux it’s been a-ok. haven’t gotten it to run in 4k like on windows, but there’s probably a fix for that. that’s the thing with linux gaming, part of the “game” is setting it all up… for like 20 minutes to an hour before playing the first time. but after much everything after that is golden.

What you want are the NVIDIA graphics drivers. Personally, I chose an AMD card because their AMDGPU drivers are open source, making them a lot more compatible with the free Linux kernel.


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VAC works perfectly fine, at least in native games like csgo or tf2.

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