Huawei Computer gets 3C certificate, manufactured by Foxconn and likely to come with UOS

Huawei desktop computer has now passed the China Compulsory Certificate (3C) certificate, as the listed information shows that this new desktop is assembled by Hongfujin precision, a Chinese subsidiary of Foxconn.

UOS is already in Huawei servers and desktops for the Chinese market, and in ARM devices.

LiGNUx is having some success with pinetime pinephone and pinetab devices, and UOS teams are working more than one year to provide a good phone OS for Huawei.

USA bans to Huawei and China can help the UOS to arrive to IoT, tablets and phones, at least to one model, product or line.

And as Samsung is already using Tizen / Linux in “wristphones” perhaps it is the best device to start with a full UOS - Huawei line.

But what seems a logical route for future Huawei devices, at least a good part of them, is not generating any news, even if they were fake news.

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