Decentralized email are becoming more and more popular today. This is associated with constant threats of data leakage. What to choose for privacy matter?


I am trying to find source code of the client and server sides…


XMPP An Asterisk + Kamailio IP/PBX messaging multiplatform app with all the services available, adding e-mail, e-fax, using extensions as phone numbers alternatives over the internet, would be a great FOSS tool for computers tablets and phones.

Just use XMPP or Matrix.


I took a look at the Utopia site and it made me excited but I have to admit after reading into it a bit it makes me suspicious. I’m not a security expert but I’m always wary of anything that includes BlockChain/cryptomining (profit motive) and is Closed Source. At one point in their FAQ they even say “we will audit ourselves” :(


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If people need to communicate with you specifically (landlord, potential employer, etc.) then have Protonmail account for that.

What exactly would this even accomplish? This would require those individuals to have Protonmail setup or use PGP.

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