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The main obstacle I see in all those private OS is that they usually support only a small number of highly-priced devices. So you either have money to spend and migrate to a private OS or you’re stuck with google.

Bread, it leaves crumbs everywhere

You missed a couple words

(including myself a few months/years ago :D)

I do appreciate the honesty though :-)

All the famous ones. The paris commune, Spainiard Republic and the Ukranian anarchists where communist as “anarco-communist” in nature, but none of them lasted long enough or had enough influence to be remembered

I will check the video. I’ll admit that I mainly posted this because I’m still a bit butthurt over their response: it really gave the impression that you guys go on and shout “fascist” at the first occasion (a thing that all right-wingers complain about, rightfully or not)

Is it IMAP compatible, or do they have their custom app?

Depends if you guys will actually give me a couple of reasons when someone new get’s a little perplexed by some occurencies, rather than starting to calling him a nazi https://www.reddit.com/r/antifastonetoss/comments/gvtgwv/what_is_this_shit_anyone_explain/fsqwqb6

Because It’s reddit but without spyware and trakers

or just downvote.

You’re too optimistic

How is this different to any other blocklist?

Gonna try it out. So far riot-desktop has been kind of “meh” in terms of interface

@Mek101toPrivacy*Permananently Deleted*

It’s probably google android seeing it’s not using google services for notifications, and so marking it as a battery drainer. Nearly all FOSS apps that don’t rely on google services for notification tell you that android may mark them for high battery consuption.

Is it possible that someone from this council could also be a moderator? I think it would be better if the roles where mutually exclusive, in order to prevent biases and concentration of all the powers in very few individuals.