La messagerie e-mail éthique et française

Ecomail est une boite e-mail éthique hébergée en France qui reverse 50% de ses recettes à des associations qui agissent pour l’environnement.

This is an email service which costs 12€/year (around $13). They donate half of their income to associations fighting for the environment. Their accounting is public for greater transparency.

For this price, you have an email account (with a large choice of domain) and a cloud (2Go). Lot of features like your emails environment impact, an alert when you have too emails, one forum for the community, free donations, and more. Tools are open-source (Roundcube, Owncloud, phpBB). This is good for environment and respects your privacy.

Obviously, for the impact on the environment, this service is more adapted to French people, since the servers are in France.

To subscribe, follow this link:


Thanks for sharing, didn’t hear about them before. Nice that it is community driven, transparent, and ecological friendly (btw using Google services and lots of java-script on their front-page isn’t very privacy friendly).


Not being privacy-respecting is not the biggest problem for an environment-focused service. There is j/s and links to both Google and Microsoft assets, and it’s an environmental problem:

Ecomail needs to rethink their partnerships. At a very least they should be boycotting the 3 tech giants that have a hand in the fossil fuel industry (MS, Amazon, & Google)


Good points !


Yes, it’s true. It should be noted that it’s managed by two people, a couple. The woman is in charge of communication and marketing and his husband is the developer (administration and communication too). They have to will to use as many opensource as possible and be independent but the project is still young, it grows slowly and since he’s the sole developer, he has to make choices.


Is it IMAP compatible, or do they have their custom app?


Yes, it’s IMAP compatible. Sorry, I forgot specs :

  • 5 GB of disk space
  • 2 GB of Cloud disk space
  • Roundcube to visualize your emails on a web page
  • Agenda & Tasks with Owncloud
  • Access IMAP / SMTP outline for your messages software.
  • Strong AntiSpam & anti-virus for the logging-in and out by SpamExperts.
  • Community interface.
  • Help notification to reduce mails pollution.
  • 12€ all tax inclusive per year, 1 month free trial . (50% of the revenues are reinvested into projects for the environment and 50% for Ecomail’s operating expenses).

And, for their custom app, the development has just started.

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