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It would have been nice if the article had mentioned that Obama banned the import of hunting trophies, and the orange scumbag reversed the ban, presumably so his douche bag son can bring them in.

Not being privacy-respecting is not the biggest problem for an environment-focused service. There is j/s and links to both Google and Microsoft assets, and it’s an environmental problem:

Ecomail needs to rethink their partnerships. At a very least they should be boycotting the 3 tech giants that have a hand in the fossil fuel industry (MS, Amazon, & Google)

Great infographic! It needs to evolve more though:

  • column for CloudFlare missing (and I find it to be the most important b/c public awareness is paultry & it’s the hardest to boycott – it really needs a big spotlight)
  • column for Netflix missing
  • column for Snapchat missing
  • row for location is vague. That can be realtime GPS coords, or it can simply be part of the world where you claim to live, or perhaps where your IP appears to come from.
  • row for political views can’t be right. For most of them it probably should be “yes, if provided”… of course Twitter is collecting your political views if you give them. Why is LinkedIn flagged for this and not Twitter?
  • row needed for IMEI number (Google certainly grabs that and keeps it in your profile)
  • qualifiers are lacking. E.g. I never gave Google my physical address, so either it needs an “if provided” tag, or it needs to elaborate on how Google gets that.
  • make it an SVG with each node clickable, taking you to further details

Are you running linux? If you’re using a debian or ubuntu package manager, then it will install Tor so that it just works. That is, when you reboot your Tor backend will be running automatically. Try typing systemctl status tor to check. If it says “active”, it’s running. The next test is to run torbrowser-launcher and go to https://check.torproject.org/. If all that checks out, then you can simply prefix commandline commands with torsocks (it’s mainly just java apps that won’t work with torsocks).

Writers obviously have control over which website they use and add value to.

And microbloggers obviously have control over which links they publicize. It’s poor etiquette to post walled-garden links outside of the respective walled-garden, which rubs the exclusivity in the faces of the excluded.

You must have Tor installed, and I believe torsocks is packaged with Tor these days. You simply prefix lynx with torsocks.

I’ve gotten that “lynx: Can’t access startfile” error before and I don’t recall the issue. I can only reproduce that error if I use the onion URL, e.g.:

torsocks lynx 'http://web.archivecrfip2lpi.onion/web/20200622172714/rethinksecurity.io/posts/you-have-an-obligation-to-fight-for-privacy/'

BTW, if you don’t have Tor, you can simply omit the leading torsocks.

Avoid that link. rethinksecurity.io is ironically a CloudFlare site. And there’s popups. View it this way instead:

$ torsocks lynx 'http://web.archive.org/web/20200622172714/rethinksecurity.io/posts/you-have-an-obligation-to-fight-for-privacy/'