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Network effects. It’s as circular and simple as “more people would come here if there were more people here.”

I don’t. But the last commit on JLD.jl was 3 months ago. Compare to 2 months ago for the last commit on HFD5.jl. For something like this I wouldn’t expect very frequent changes, so JLD seems alive. JLD2 is officially deprecated though.

Why not Julia’s built-in serialization?

They’re starting to remove CSV.jl’s dependency on DataFrames.jl…

I’m considering making a bot to post the Top or Best weekly posts from a subreddit to the Lemmy counterpart I mod.

Like I said, the site wasn’t entirely clear to me. Let’s say I upload mp3’s I bought (that is, they aren’t public domain or CC) to a pod. Can all federated instances access those files?

I’ll have to decide if this matters to me, but are there any good Signal alternatives or forks?

How exactly does funkwhale work? Their site didn’t quite clear it up for me. You upload music to your instance and anyone can access it? Is this piracy (fine, but just to clarify)?

You don’t need a Google account to use Aurora Store unless you’re buying apps.

TOML.jl will eventually be added to the standard library. The latest iteration of TOML.jl is in the official Julia Github org now (but not the General registry), and looks ready for use.

rstats - Everything about the R programming language

For now, I’ll post a few things daily, so come on by for the curated content. Posts, questions, and newcomers welcome. …

I find the UI nicer. But actually, there is a slight issue with F-Droid that Aurora Droid fixes. From this /r/microG wiki page:

It is safe to update microG from F-Droid. The built-in F-Droid app store detects microG Services Core as “UnifiedNlp (No GAPPS)” due to package naming conflicts. You will likely have an update to this package when first installing LineageOS for microG. The microG versions are in the 0.2.X range, so check the version numbers on this package. At the time of writing, the latest microG services core version is 0.2.10.X. Note that Aurora Droid is able to properly display the package name.

Emphasis mine.

You might want LineageOS for microG. The microG Github has a list of problem apps that don’t work. Whatsapp isn’t on there but if you run into trouble just search /r/microG or post a question if an answer doesn’t already exist. The /r/microG wiki is a great beginner’s guide.

In my experience, some apps just won’t work, and the location services aren’t as accurate as Google’s.

I like Aurora Droid (same makers as Aurora Store) as an alternative to the F-Droid app.

NextCloud Tasks if you want something very bare bones. Connect to the Open Tasks F-Droid app.

You probably want to run pyenv + one of [poetry, pipenv, pip-tools]. See “Overview of python dependency management tools”.