Government sends first signal of intention for UK data protection laws to part company with EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Makes sense, Uncle Sam wants little brother UK to be more loyal.


The current information commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, is due to leave her post in October. Dowden said that under the regime ‘too many businesses and organisations are reluctant to use data – either because they don’t understand the rules or are afraid of inadvertently breaking them’.

This is bollocks. I had to work with GDPR for my work, and it broadly went like this:

Are you racially profiling children for profit?


Okay, good to go

Once every 3 months someone asks us to delete their data with us “because GDPR”, and it takes like 2 minutes.


gorth dorean peoples republic

You reap what you sow.


who does? The half of the uk who voted against brexit?

As if there aren’t superrich shitheads who control the press and have decades of experience convincing people to vote against their own interests.


I feel you. It’s happening in the US too. Sadly it’s only just started. Get ready for some rough years.


Well, more national sovereignty and less power to supranational organizations not controlled by anyone but lobbyists.


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