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I actually looked into Conduit and considered using it rather than Dendrite because development is way more active (and I also prefer Rust to Go).

For now though, going off of the README, it looks like it’s still behind Dendrite in terms of stability. Hopefully they don’t, but if Matrix continue to not touch Dendrite and Conduit overtakes it in terms of stability, I’ll probably switch over.

Thanks for the link! Yeah I assumed they were busy with the other stuff, I’m more curious why Matrix thinks that’s the better route to go down now rather than actually finishing Dendrite and then working on P2P etc, especially considering iirc they’ve said most the difficult parts of the spec are already implemented in Dendrite.

Have Matrix abandoned development of Dendrite, outside of P2P?

I ask because development has been non-existent for most of this year, particularly since February, since when almost all commits have been related to their P2P/Pinecone stuff. …

I haven’t read all of this, but why do they insist on using Google? Analytics that are disabled by default and non-Google would probably be fine.

Is it something inherent to Zig that makes Outfieldr faster, or is it just written well? I don’t know much about Zig

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and this website helps them

That looks like exactly what I want, thank you! Do you know of the ConBee is open source?

RGB lights whose software is open source & privacy respecting?

Hi all, I was looking to buy RGB lights, particularly something like the Philips Hue Light bar. …

My website weighs around 2kB and is written in pure HTML/CSS. You can check out the code on my GitHub

Moving photos from iCloud to Nextcloud

Currently all my photos/videos are all stored in iCloud. I want to move these to my Nextcloud instance…

I don’t even see this as a purely negative thing. Discord is already trash, Microsoft buying it means either

  1. They mess it up, like they do with almost everything, and its obscene dominance comes to an end, or
  2. Nothing.

There’s even a part of me that could see them open sourcing it/parts of it, now that they “love open source”. This would of course be a part of a calculated play to stifle the rise of alternatives like Matrix. We’re already seeing a gross trend of developers using Discord as their project discussion platform, and it would be in Microsoft’s interest to try to maximise this as much as possible, keeping them in a centralised walled-garden under their control.

I read the posts he linked to, damn. From noticing a tiny bump in February 2020 to having a ~1 year life expectancy in March 2021, that’s awful.

Why in gemini and not on the web?

Because the web sucks. Web technologies are in general horrible to use, build with, etc. Drew DeVault has written a lot of posts about this that I like, i.e. The reckless, infinite scope of web browsers and Web browsers need to stop.

I myself plan on writing my own post on this too. But for now, like I said: because the web sucks. And because the way Gemini is designed, so much of the garbage that makes the web so suck-y is impossible.

I updated this morning and it’s been great. The RC period was long but it looks like it really paid off.

The throw from top of mid is consistent but as you said requires two smokes (and takes a lot longer).

Yeah that smoke from T Spawn is better than others but I can’t even get it to be 8/10.

I’ll probably stick to the smoke from top mid, but even with the cross smoke in my experience it’s too easy for a CT to shoot into it and grab a kill.

Greatest success I’ve had gaining mid control has been directly challenging the CT AWPer in mid (which is still difficult since afaik CTs get there first).

Delta Chat does look really cool. Like you said, it’s client (testing on iOS) is nice. It’s a shame their desktop app is Electron though.

Smoking off window from T Spawn on Mirage

I swear this is impossible. I’ve tried every smoke I can find online and can’t get any to be consistent. …

Element the client is garbage, I was talking about Element the organisation formally known as New Vector, who develop and maintain the Dendrite homeserver

Wire was mentioned in this thread. It transferred ownership (which in itself was shady) and its new owners are shady too.

recently went down half a day

It was more like ~3 days

Not well versed in this, so this may be inaccurate, but the other issue is that the Server relies on and uses other AGPLv3 software (e.g. storage-service), so if they want to use the latest versions of each they also have to release all the latest changes to the server under AGPLv3 (which is why Google avoid AGPL like the plague).

Hydrogen, while not stable yet, will hopefully be much more useable over slower networks including Tor: https://github.com/vector-im/hydrogen-web

Signal Server is effectively closed source software right now

The Signal Server repository hasn’t been updated since April 2020. There are a bunch of links about this here but I found this thread the most interesting. …

Now that invidious is basically dead, how do you watch YouTube?

As of late, invidious has become pretty much unusable for me. All the instances either don’t work or are very slow, and as nobody knows Crystal more and more bugs keep cropping up (e.g. right now search is broken on all instances). …