get ready for 5 years of no major updates :dabs:

Then it suddenly stops working for most people, and gets replaced by something better that Microsoft then tries to buy too.


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I remember when this happened with GitHub, #MoveToGitlab was a hashtag in response and I posted something like “I don’t have to #MoveToGitlab because I already have Gitlab here on my server”

I have a verifiable history of saying “Fuck Discord” every time Discord does something shitty or shady, so I look forward to being able to say it again. Use IRC, Matrix, XMPP, anything that’s libre and open and not a proprietary competitor


I don’t even see this as a purely negative thing. Discord is already trash, Microsoft buying it means either

  1. They mess it up, like they do with almost everything, and its obscene dominance comes to an end, or
  2. Nothing.

There’s even a part of me that could see them open sourcing it/parts of it, now that they “love open source”. This would of course be a part of a calculated play to stifle the rise of alternatives like Matrix. We’re already seeing a gross trend of developers using Discord as their project discussion platform, and it would be in Microsoft’s interest to try to maximise this as much as possible, keeping them in a centralised walled-garden under their control.


Discord is already trash

I beg to differ, it’s been quite good without any hitch. Except in linux, idk why but I think there’s a memory leak everytime you’re talking for more than an hour.

open sourcing by microsoft

lol, are you kidding? Till the moment they Open Sourced Windows 10, I’ll always call them a fraud and or poser.


quite good without any hitch

It only works correctly in Google Chrome, and their desktop app is literally just Google Chrome but with most of the security policies removed. That’s not even mentioning the gross privacy violations, being actively hostile to open source, ignoring widespread hate speech, etc…

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