I swear this is impossible. I’ve tried every smoke I can find online and can’t get any to be consistent.

Which smoke do you use?

On 64 tick servers it’s difficult, there are a couple standard smokes on 128 though.

Update: I’ve been playing around on a private server, the only way I can really get a consistent window smoke was to first have a cross smoke to get into the sandbags from the top of mid and then throwing it from there.

Otherwise, go onto the bin in T-spawn, look toward the pink building with two antennas on top. Place your crosshair near the top right , follow down through the skirting until you’re about halfway between the wooden beam and the top of the door - hold D and jumpthrow. This seemed to work 8/10 times, but was never anywhere near as consistent as throwing it from the top of mid.


The throw from top of mid is consistent but as you said requires two smokes (and takes a lot longer).

Yeah that smoke from T Spawn is better than others but I can’t even get it to be 8/10.

I’ll probably stick to the smoke from top mid, but even with the cross smoke in my experience it’s too easy for a CT to shoot into it and grab a kill.

Greatest success I’ve had gaining mid control has been directly challenging the CT AWPer in mid (which is still difficult since afaik CTs get there first).

You can easily popflash yourself into mid too, you don’t necessarily need the second smoke.

The issue you’ll likely find moving forward is that once they work you out - they put two cat, or one peeking right side connector. The top cat smoke is probably as valuable as the window smoke.

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