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On SolusOS I get freeze, for the moment I stay in OpenGL mode :)

A very interesting feature is the ability to group tabs in Google Chrome. Does this feature exist in Firefox?..

As a French I don’t recommend Qwant

  • Lies of the management team
  • Use Azure services (especially for the search index) rather than OVH services (for a service that claims a certain European sovereignty it’s not great…)
  • Bad search results

My last try was several years ago, maybe it has changed-

Are We Anti-Cheat Yet?

A comprehensive and crowd-sourced list of games using anti-cheats and their compatibility with GNU/Linux or Wine. …

Fucking translator ^^ What I meant was that this currency is more for trading (selling items and services) rather than for investment and enrichment.

This is the case with crypto currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum which are mostly used for trading rather than actually being used for trading. There is a French project for a non-energy consuming crypto-currency that puts the human at the centre of the currency. Don’t hesitate to have a look at the official website. https://libre-currency.org/

deleted by creator

The Cesium and Ğchange applications are available on F-droid

The Cesium (wallet) and Ğchange (classifieds) applications are available via a third-party repository…

I have updated the link, maybe it should work now?

Mojeek is a search engine based in the United Kingdom.

Mojeek is a privacy-friendly English search engine. Unlike DuckDuckGo, Mojeek has its own index…